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It's Friday! Not sure where this week went, or last week for that matter. Apparently going on a trip made me lose a week, cause I definitely missed the part that June starts on Sunday. Also, overnight flights are the worst. Besides that, summer is definitely here in Texas and watermelon and corn on the cob are highest on my list of things that are awesome (a/c too). What are you excited about for this summer season?

- Mindy Kaling talked to Harvard Law grads, and it gets funny.

- Amy Poehler is coming out with a book! Definitely put it on your goodreads list.

- The crown twist hairstyle looks like something even I can do with my curly hair. I'm excited to try it.

- A super cute DIY for indoor herb planters. One of these days, I will grow my own herb garden.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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