friday's fancies #95


Hi everyone! It's been awhile. I thought I'd be able to blog a little more while in Portland, but I wasn't. Here I am in a Starbucks, waiting for my friend to get off from work. Besides the lack of wifi, this trip has been a good one. Here's some reasons why I love being here:
1. Trees. Is that weird? They have lots of them.
2. Chai Tea Lattes from Insomnia. Best ever! Every person who tries them says it tastes like Christmas. They are pretty magical.
3. Weather. I'm visiting at a time when there's little to no rain, a rarity. Either way, I love it.
4. Public Transportation. Cause you one up Texas on it...every. single. time.
5. Just being here in Oregon. It's a special place.

This outfit includes:
Jacquard Back-Zip Sweatshirt from J.Crew
Selvedge Toothpick Jean in Cherish Wash from J.Crew
The Thea Sandal from Madewell
Classic Leather Shoulder Purse from Coach
Norah Pendant Necklace from Stella & Dot
Deborah Lippmann in Between the Sheets from Nordstrom

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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