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It's Friday! Not sure where this week went, or last week for that matter. Apparently going on a trip made me lose a week, cause I definitely missed the part that June starts on Sunday. Also, overnight flights are the worst. Besides that, summer is definitely here in Texas and watermelon and corn on the cob are highest on my list of things that are awesome (a/c too). What are you excited about for this summer season?

- Mindy Kaling talked to Harvard Law grads, and it gets funny.

- Amy Poehler is coming out with a book! Definitely put it on your goodreads list.

- The crown twist hairstyle looks like something even I can do with my curly hair. I'm excited to try it.

- A super cute DIY for indoor herb planters. One of these days, I will grow my own herb garden.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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friday's fancies #95


Hi everyone! It's been awhile. I thought I'd be able to blog a little more while in Portland, but I wasn't. Here I am in a Starbucks, waiting for my friend to get off from work. Besides the lack of wifi, this trip has been a good one. Here's some reasons why I love being here:
1. Trees. Is that weird? They have lots of them.
2. Chai Tea Lattes from Insomnia. Best ever! Every person who tries them says it tastes like Christmas. They are pretty magical.
3. Weather. I'm visiting at a time when there's little to no rain, a rarity. Either way, I love it.
4. Public Transportation. Cause you one up Texas on it...every. single. time.
5. Just being here in Oregon. It's a special place.

This outfit includes:
Jacquard Back-Zip Sweatshirt from J.Crew
Selvedge Toothpick Jean in Cherish Wash from J.Crew
The Thea Sandal from Madewell
Classic Leather Shoulder Purse from Coach
Norah Pendant Necklace from Stella & Dot
Deborah Lippmann in Between the Sheets from Nordstrom

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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urban decay electric palette giveaway



I've joined these ^^^ lovely bloggers for a giveaway! Check out their blogs and definitely enter! If you already follow me on bloglovin' you are set for two entries. Goodluck!

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an unexpected trip


 photo 86393cb2-a432-485e-8e33-da071695aa3e_zps9dbec966.jpg I'm going to Portland on Friday, this Friday. It's an extremely last minute and unexpected trip, but I'm excited to go back to the Pacific Northwest. Can't wait to visit all my favorite places! There will definitely be a lot of chai tea lattes in my future from my favorite coffee shop. I haven't decided yet if I will take my laptop with me, so not sure if I will blog next week. I will most likely be posting quite a lot to instagram, so you can always keep up with my Portland trip there. :)

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^^Picture from when I first moved to Portland.

life is a canvas


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links to love #4


It's the weekend and I have quite a lot to do. I've started mine by helping celebrate my best friend graduating with her Masters. woot woot! Here's some links for your (hopefully more relaxing) weekend. 

- Smoothie bowls seem to be the new it breakfast, and BreakfastCriminals has some amazing ones.

- I really want to try this alternative braid, and pretty much every hairstyle this girl posts.

- This bag would be perfect for those summer weekend getaways!

- The cutest thing you may see all week is a cat who hugs. :)

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

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to be discovered


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friday's fancies #94


This month's Friday's Fancies theme is May Flowers. I love floral print, and I'm especially liking the one on these shorts. It's such a pretty color combo. This outfit is definitely towards the summer-y side. I've been gravitating towards summer looks lately, probably because my hometown has already hit 106 degrees. No joke. I'm so not ready for a South Texas summer.

This outfit includes:
Merino Mesh-Sleeve Sweater from J.Crew
Tap Short in Photo Floral from J.Crew
Mollie Sunglasses from Moorea Seal
Crystal Meteor Drops Earring from BaubleBar
Coach Bleeker Mini Crossbody Bag from Overstock
Essie Polish in Come Here from Nordstrom
Braided Sandal from Zara

Have a wonderful weekend!

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the most magical place on earth


This summer I'm going to Disney World! I am pretty excited. The first and only time I've visited was when I was 7 years old, which was quite awhile ago. If you have any tips or things that shouldn't be missed, let me know! There's so much to do, even more so now, that planning is a little overwhelming.

Do you have any summer trips planned?

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