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Here are some links to check out this weekend:

- My new blog love is Emily Henderson's. I've always liked her and her design style, but had never really checked out her blog. I ended up on a pinning frenzy of home design inspiration!

- If you're a lover of nail polish, you should check out the Julep Plie Wand. It's their new invention to make painting your nails easier ( i.e. without having to go back and fix tons of mistakes). I am not the best nail painter, especially with my left hand, so I'm extremely curious about this tool.

- Beauty products are fast becoming my new obsession (kind of). If you ever wanted to learn to make 24 different sugar scrubs, look no further.

- Is anyone else excited for spring fashion?? I've been loving the florals and pastels lately, like this tunic from Anthropologie.

In case you missed it:
- Amy Poehler's awesomeness. (pretty proud of my photoshop skills. haha.)
- Orange Harp app. Click link to see how you could win some great stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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orange harp


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I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Orange Harp, an app focused on socially conscious products, to check it out and let them know what I thought. I think it's a cool app. I love the ease of use, that you have a list just for your favorites, but mostly, it's nice that these are all socially conscious products. We're talking Certified Organic, Fair-Trade, natural, or renewable fibers, no synthetic fragrances or chemicals, recycled materials or packaging, fair working conditions, energy-saving manufacturing techniques, animal cruelty-free, and 100% Made in the USA products! They not only help you discover new companies, like The Home.T, but you can also purchase products straight from the app.
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I'm all for finding more natural and eco-friendly products, and this app will make it easier. I would definitely recommend getting this app and seeing all the lovely products. I'm certainly eyeing some of the jewelry!

To get access to this app, email them at with the subject line "GOODHEART" (no need to put anything in the text box). By doing that, you not only get granted early access, but you will also be entered into a raffle to win some products! 3 people will win one item! The items they will be giving away are the Juniper Ridge Crew Soap, Pura Products Bath Salts, and Juniper Ridge Incense. The raffle will be open for 7 days! So don't miss out on this app and the chance to win some amazing products!

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what life is


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*created by me*

friday's fancies #89


just have fun
Friday's Fancies is now on a monthly basis, and this month is all about "new year, new you." This year I want to focus on fun with fashion. I've been really into neutrals lately and since I tend to look young for my age, I've been embracing that. Neutrals = grown-up, right? This year though, I just want to have fun with fashion. Fun with patterns, colors, and shiny, glittery things. (The Julep metallic polishes are amazing!). What's your fashion resolution?

This outfit includes:
French Knot Sweater from Boden
Skinny Ankle Skimmer Jeans from Boden
Cleo Suede Loafers from J.Crew
Grove Court Maise Bag from Kate Spade
Twist Scarf from
Nars Lipstick in Heat Wave from Sephora
Missy Nail Color from Julep

Have a wonderful weekend!

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book worm


 photo IMG_3079_zpsf13140b4.jpg If reading is part of your resolutions for this year, you are not alone. I've always been a reader, but these past few years I haven't been reading as much as I would like to. This year I will put a dent in my list of books to read.

Here's a list of my book worm must haves:
1. Library Card - Which I don't have. Since I moved back to Texas, I have yet to get a new library card. Oops.
2. Goodreads - If you haven't joined Goodreads, please go now. Honestly, it's the best. Keeping track of what you've read and what you would like to read has never been easier. My favorite part though, their app. I love that I can go to a store, scan the barcode of a book, and see reviews for it. It's the handiest thing ever. The other great thing is that they have giveaways to receive new books. I've already won two! (pictured above). Don't forget to friend me!
3. An affinity for book stores and coffee shops - Is that just me?
4. Following book bloggers - I probably should have realized that there was a section of this blogging world dedicated to books, but I didn't till a few days ago. Loving this blog!
5. Love - of books. Duh.
*Bonus* Nook/other reading device - I bought myself a Nook a couple of months ago and love it. I know it will come in handy when I travel. Also, it will stop me from hoarding books and being a tree killer. (I have the Nook HD, pictured above. It is the perfect size and is so light!)

Do you love to read too? What are your must haves?
Any book recommendations?

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all things considered


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I will just assume that most of you watched or heard about all that went down at the Golden Globes. The most exciting thing for me are the outfits, because award shows are unnecessarily awkward and seem to go on forever. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting were really the only incentive to watching the show, since they are always bound to be funny and/or ridiculous. (As a Parks and Rec fan, I'm so glad Amy won her category!). I, of course, also watched the red carpet pre-show stuff and was underwhelmed. Was that just me? My fashion standouts for the night have to be Cate Blanchett and Lupita Nyong'o. They definitely brought their fashion A-game. All things considered, it was a good show and I got to hang out with my bff before she started her last semester of grad school.

What did you guys think of the fashion/show? Any other faves?

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this week


 photo ce637f2f-06b0-4622-884d-cb3dccad6a06_zps49f7fcae.jpgSorry to have been mostly MIA lately. Besides the holidays, I rang in the new year feeling sick and stayed under the covers. I'm finally starting to feel normal, so hopefully by Monday we'll be back to a regular schedule. The year can only go up from here, right?

Though I don't have too much to share, here are a few things I'm loving. 
- Tried out this cookie recipe. Love! I cooked them a few minutes longer than stated.
- Julep polish in Zelda is my new fave.
- Hopefully by Monday, or Sunday, I'll be up to starting the Barre3 28 Day Challenge. This workout program is at an amazing price on QVC!
- There is a Nutella Cookbook in the shape of a Nutella jar! If that isn't a must have, I don't know what is. :)

If you want to see more of what I'm loving lately, follow me on Pinterest (which is always a favorite of mine!)
Hope you had a great New Year's!
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