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friday's fancies #78


work wear (for home)
This week's Friday's Fancies is about work wear. I work from home, and I don't get dressed up for just working on my laptop. Also, I find sitting around the house in jeans uncomfortable. Yoga pants, anyone? So for my work wear, I need a cute and comfy outfit. The kind of outfit that can take you from working at your desk, hanging out on the couch, and running some errands. What's your go to outfit for work?

This outfit includes:
Drapey Striped Cable Cardigan from Gap
Silk Cargo Tank from Madewell
Ankle Leggings from Topshop
Eddie Ballet Flat from Tory Burch
Large Grommet Sac from Dooney & Bourke
Gilded Arrow Ring from Stella & Dot
Nancy Studs from Stella & Dot
Essie Polish in Cashmere Bathrobe from Nordstrom

Have a wonderful weekend!

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nothing but blue skies


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For a couple of weeks, South Texas has been hit by quite a lot of rain. 17 consecutive days worth of rain, which hasn't happened in about 30 years! While the rain hasn't put much of dent in the effects of the drought we've had for my entire life, it still has made a difference. The area has never looked so green! I still think this is all me though (not really). For weeks I kept thinking how much I missed the rain in Oregon, and then it rained. You're welcome. Once the sun came out, we were surprisingly bombarded by tons of little butterflies. It really was the coolest thing. Here are some pictures of them. No, those tiny spots are not dirt on your computer but are cute butterflies. I really need a different lens. 
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on purpose


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friday's fancies #77


fall wish list
Fall, you are my favorite. This season I'm loving, cozy sweaters, distressed jeans, ankle booties, midi rings, wine/berry lipstick, white nail polish, and satchel bags. Actually, this list could keep on going but we don't have all day. So, this is a small selection of things I wish would magically appear in my closet. What are you wishing for this fall?

This outfit includes:
Boatneck Cableknit Sweater from Madewell
Midrise Toothpick Jean in Charlevoix Wash from J.Crew
Sam Edelman Petty in Black Suede from
Sydney Satchel in Teal from Fossil
Silver Diamond Shape Ring from Etsy
Rouge in Love Lipstick in Berry in Love from Lancome
Butter London Polish in Cotton Buds from Nordstrom

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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the tale of many mascaras


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I have tried a lot of mascaras in the past 2 years, because I had a mission to find one that didn't irritate my eyes. Easier said than done, my friends. I didn't use to have this issue either. I grew up taking dance classes and with that came recitals and competitions, and undoubtedly the use of mascara. It wasn't till about 3 years ago that my eyes decided to wreak havoc. We're talking seriously itchy, red, and watery. The wateriness seemed to make matters worse. So here are my opinions of the mascaras above, and one that is not pictured. I hated it so much I threw it away immediately.

Loveee! I got this mascara about a month ago now, and I love it. Doesn't seem to bother my eyes and really gets the volume part right. Love the brush, the volume, and that it doesn't make my eyeballs go crazy. It is numero uno right now. It is pricey, but it's worth it.

This one was okay, for a drugstore mascara. Didn't care too much for the really short bristles on the brush. It did give more volume than some I've tried (not more than the Josie Maran though), but it gave a little irritation. Not much irritation, but enough for me to find something else.

This brand is suppose to be amazing and one of the best natural mascaras. I didn't care for it. It did give me irritation and that is not cool. For the price, it should be so much better. Didn't give me the volume I wanted either. 

This is my other favorite. Doesn't irritate my eyes, but it's definitely a more everyday volume kind of mascara. Still love it though! 

Oh gosh! This stuff is the worst for my eyes. As soon as I put the mascara on, my eyes started to water and get red. I've avoided all Clinique mascaras since then. So bad, so so bad!

These are my personal opinions of these items. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa, but I hope that others with sensitive eyes find my reviews helpful. If you're on the search for your perfect mascara, good luck! It may take awhile, but it's worth it.

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when we arrive


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friday's fancies #76


tailgate chic
I'm pretty sure everyone knows that it's football season. My alma mater, Texas Tech, just got a new
coach this year and our season is looking pretty good so far. I may not be big on sports, but I'll always
root for my school. My favorite place to find some Texas Tech gear is Red Raider Outfitters. My new
favorite is the #OurCoachIsHotterThanYourCoach tee. It's hilarious, and kind of true.

This outfit includes:
Skinny Jeans from Zara
Quilted Edie Purse from J.Crew
Double T Cap from Red Raider Outfitters

Have a great weekend!

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be psyched


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friday's fancies #75


transition time
I always feel like transitioning from season to season can be a bit difficult. When fall fashion starts 
all I want to do is pull out my sweaters and boots, but the weather has other things in mind. The 
best thing to do is start wearing those fall colors, but in lighter fabrics. And if you can't help but 
start wearing boots, ankle booties are your best friend. Are you ready for fall?

This outfit includes:
Stripe Necklace Tee from J.Crew
Hollingworth Chino from Jack Wills
Sam Edelman Petty from Nordstrom
Erin Satchel from Fossil
Nancy Studs from Stella & Dot

Have a wonderful weekend!
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new inspiration


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If you're looking for some fashion inspiration, definitely check out Vanessa Jackman's blog
She takes photos of street style at fashion week, and of pretty places where she travels to.  I've
already found so many things to pin! So, you could always follow my fave outfits on pinterest.

Besides finding new outfit inspiration, I got a new blog design and I love it. I hope you guys 
like it too. I may change a few things here and there, but I'm loving this new direction.

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PS Don't forget to enter my Stella & Dot giveaway. There's only one more day left!

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