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It's taken me awhile to figure out what to say, I still don't really know. Let's cut to the chase though, I moved 
back to Texas. After two years in Oregon, I could not find a full time job or another part time job that would 
help me make enough money to live off of. In January I gave myself a deadline, get a job by the time my 
parents visited or go back home for awhile. So here I am back in Texas, the one place I never thought I'd be. 
Knowing for months that this could happen, I couldn't help but feel a little like I failed at life. Overdramatic 
much. I know. But in my state of complete frustration at not being able to support myself, it didn't seem all that 
dramatic. And of course, it could be worse. It really could. I'm thankful that I get to keep my part time job that 
I've been doing from home and I finally got the chance to quit my retail job and focus on other things, like 
taking classes. As much as I say Texas is not the place for me, I know that it's not all bad. Let's just say if Texas 
and I were in a relationship on facebook it would be under "it's complicated." I have no idea what the future has 
in store for me. What I'll be doing, where I'll be, I just have no clue. I do know one thing though, my hometown 
does get some amazing sunsets^^^. 

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