things i love about oregon


This is my last post for Portland Week (it's a little late. sorry!). 
Here's a few things that I love about Oregon.

An entire garden dedicated to roses, in the city. I mean, that's pretty cool. photo IMG_1211_zps71821f72.jpg

In an hour you can be at the coast photo IMG_2259_zps0bd0cb04.jpg

or at Mt. Hood.
 photo IMG_0803-Version2_zps958eebf3.jpg

Great farmers' markets and fruit. photo IMG_0847_zps887b7fa1.jpg

Oregon gets seasons! Some may be short lived because of all the rain, but you still get the experience. photo IMG_1756_zps7b6ba7e1.jpg

Because you can find this behind a library. photo IMG_1730_zpsc10d7b84.jpg

There's a festival for every flower. This might seem excessive, but it's still awesome. photo IMG_1457_zps40220cbb.jpg

This list could go on and on, but I'll stop here. 
You'll just have to visit to see all the other wonderful things Oregon has to offer. 

I hope you enjoyed this year's Portland Week and 
that you have had a wonderful weekend!
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