social strategies and donuts


This past month, I went to another Portland Bloggers' event. This time we learned 
about social strategies from Ashley Stuart who works at SwellPath. It was great to learn 
about some new things in social media (I mean, there's just so much) and get to chat 
with some fellow bloggers.
 photo PDXBloggersMay-PDXBloggersMay-0038_zps3ea70388.jpg  photo PDXBloggersMay-PDXBloggersMay-0015_zps94e1790a.jpg  photo PDXBloggersMay-PDXBloggersMay-0052_zps38237e7e.jpg
Some sponsors of the event were Blue Star Donuts (in the picture above). They were 
pretty fabulous. My favorite was the cinnamon sugar one. Not pictured were some 
wonderful macarons from Nuvrei, which I devoured later and shared with a friend. 
And last but not least, the photographers of the event were Grace and Jaden from 
Hurtienne Photography (rhymes with martini!). Loved the photos they took!

If you are in the Portland area definitely join in on the events!
Check out more about the Portland Bloggers and up coming events, here.
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