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Hi there Goodheart readers!  My name is Linnea and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer
in Portland, Oregon.  I had the luck of meeting Danica in Salt Lake City at Alt Summit this year.
Funny how sometimes you have to travel to a new city, just to meet someone from the very place
you came from!  I was thrilled when Danica asked me to share a little bit about one of my favorite
Portland treasures:  

In Portland we're lucky to have a long and abundant Peony season.  The peony is a sweetheart of a
flower, and guaranteed to brighten any space.  How could you not be drawn in by that snowball of
fluffy petals, and barely-there blossom scent?  My two favorite places to experience this flower are
at the Adelman Peony Gardens, and the Portland Farmer's Market.

Adelman Peony Gardens in Salem, Oregon has 15 acres of Peonies.  Wandering through fields of
these beauties, be prepared to fall in love.  The air smells delicious and fresh, and who knew this
many types of peony existed (there are over 250 varieties at this farm!)?  I'm planning on trying my
green thumb this fall and buying a few Peony roots from Adelman's to plant in my own garden.
Wish me luck!

 photo adelman-farm-peonies-linnea-paulina-photography-oregon_zps8b708ac7.jpg  photo peonies-at-adelman-farms-linnea-paulina-photography-oregon_zpsf1d891ee.jpg

Once you've seen the peonies in their wild habitat, head over to the Portland Farmer's Market
and scoop up a bunch to scatter in jars around your home.  I'm curious: what is your favorite flower?

 photo portland-farmers-market-peonies-linnea-paulina-photography_zps370450a5.jpg  photo portland-farmers-market-peonies-oregon-linnea-paulina-photography_zps25dedfc0.jpg


Aren't these pictures gorgeous?? I just love peonies.
Other than having awesome photography skills, she is seriously one of the sweetest people
I have ever met. Definitely check out her photography website, you will not be sorry.
Thanks so much for guest posting, Linnea!

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