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Hello, Goodheart readers! I'm Suzannah from the blog Adventures in Dressmaking, and I'm 
so happy to be talking to you about Portland today since I am a huge Portland nerd and 
promoter and love this great state we live in. My love for Oregon is what led me to study 
land use planning and public administration at U of O for undergrad and grad school, and my 
love for Portland brought me back to this region after school.

My husband and I have lived in three cities around Portland as well as the city proper, and have 
had so many experiences quintessential to this awesome (and a little strange!) city. We've 
experienced almost every kind of delay on the MAX light rail train, called every local 
Whole Foods to see if they had any unsalted Kerrygold grassfed butter to find they were all
completely out (several times), and unknowingly driven past the Naked Bike Ride and other 
themed bike rides and crowd events. We realize we are pretty darn "Portland" ourselves, 
though (oh, how I wish we could raise chickens in our yard!), and we love it here.

I feel very lucky to have been raised in this region surrounded by natural areas, accepting 
community groups, and recycling facilities, and I'm pretty sure I'll stick around for a while! 
We bought a house in the area last summer, and we can see staying here indefinitely! 
This region has everything we need.

I can't even begin to list all the things I love about the Portland area. I combed through some 
photos I've taken over the years to see if I could make a good list--and I don't think I can cover it all! 
But, here are some of the things I love about living here.

I love the parks.

This is Laurelhurst Park, a big one in SE Portland. It has its own pond! I love spending time 
in relaxing places like this park. I also appreciate the sense of humor of Portland Parks & Rec.

I love that I have help growing things on my porch.

There are entire books about this! 
successful container gardening on our townhouse porch.

I love the smell of the rain.

Which is my way of trying to be positive when it looks like this so many days out of the year.

I love that I can do this 15 minutes from downtown Portland.

We have strict urban growth boundaries here that protect resource land like this peach/pear farm 
north of Hillsboro. I love u-pick berries and peaches in the summer. Oh, how I love summer.

I love that I love going to the coast, even when it looks like this.

...and literally the next day, it looks like this. True story.

But you never know, because in January sometimes it looks like this.

I love you, Portland metro area! I'll tell the world about how great you are whenever I get a chance!
(But hey, rest of the world--don't ALL move here at once, k??) ;)

Thanks for having me, Danica! Readers, visit me at Adventures in Dressmaking for more 
Portland area pics and tales mixed in with my typical DIY sewing, decor, and food posts. 
We Portland bloggers blog about all kinds of good stuff! ;)

It's true, the coast is still amazing even with horrible weather.
Isn't Suzannah awesome! Other than having some mad sewing skills, seriously, she also has
a book coming out next year. That's right, a book! Definitely check out her blog and don't
forget to say hi! Thanks so much for guest posting, Suzannah!

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