friday's fancies #68


beach ready: the oregon edition

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about the beach. Since it's Portland Week, I made it more
specifically for an Oregon beach day. In Oregon, the coast can be nice one and bad the next (as 
shown in pictures on Suzannah's guest post from Tuesday), but it generally stays a lot cooler than
most beach destinations. This outfit is for those days that might be sunny and nice, but still a little
cool. I am in love with the Sun Bum sunscreen packaging! Isn't it the cutest? What's also smart and
kind of funny, is that depending on the SPF the wood color gets darker or lighter. Let's also talk
sunglasses. I am loving the Warby Parker sunnies! Will definitely need to try on some pairs.
Tkees also need to be in my life soon. So many colors and the simplicity is just perfect.

This outfit includes:
Camp Popover in Stripe from J.Crew (on sale!)
North/South Canvas Bucket Bag from Sperry Top-Sider
Flannery in Polished Gold from Warby Parker
Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen from Nordstrom

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