friday's fancies #68


beach ready: the oregon edition

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about the beach. Since it's Portland Week, I made it more
specifically for an Oregon beach day. In Oregon, the coast can be nice one and bad the next (as 
shown in pictures on Suzannah's guest post from Tuesday), but it generally stays a lot cooler than
most beach destinations. This outfit is for those days that might be sunny and nice, but still a little
cool. I am in love with the Sun Bum sunscreen packaging! Isn't it the cutest? What's also smart and
kind of funny, is that depending on the SPF the wood color gets darker or lighter. Let's also talk
sunglasses. I am loving the Warby Parker sunnies! Will definitely need to try on some pairs.
Tkees also need to be in my life soon. So many colors and the simplicity is just perfect.

This outfit includes:
Camp Popover in Stripe from J.Crew (on sale!)
North/South Canvas Bucket Bag from Sperry Top-Sider
Flannery in Polished Gold from Warby Parker
Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen from Nordstrom

Don't forget to check out the guest posts from this week!

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portlander post: Linnea Paulina Photography


Hi there Goodheart readers!  My name is Linnea and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer
in Portland, Oregon.  I had the luck of meeting Danica in Salt Lake City at Alt Summit this year.
Funny how sometimes you have to travel to a new city, just to meet someone from the very place
you came from!  I was thrilled when Danica asked me to share a little bit about one of my favorite
Portland treasures:  

In Portland we're lucky to have a long and abundant Peony season.  The peony is a sweetheart of a
flower, and guaranteed to brighten any space.  How could you not be drawn in by that snowball of
fluffy petals, and barely-there blossom scent?  My two favorite places to experience this flower are
at the Adelman Peony Gardens, and the Portland Farmer's Market.

Adelman Peony Gardens in Salem, Oregon has 15 acres of Peonies.  Wandering through fields of
these beauties, be prepared to fall in love.  The air smells delicious and fresh, and who knew this
many types of peony existed (there are over 250 varieties at this farm!)?  I'm planning on trying my
green thumb this fall and buying a few Peony roots from Adelman's to plant in my own garden.
Wish me luck!

 photo adelman-farm-peonies-linnea-paulina-photography-oregon_zps8b708ac7.jpg  photo peonies-at-adelman-farms-linnea-paulina-photography-oregon_zpsf1d891ee.jpg

Once you've seen the peonies in their wild habitat, head over to the Portland Farmer's Market
and scoop up a bunch to scatter in jars around your home.  I'm curious: what is your favorite flower?

 photo portland-farmers-market-peonies-linnea-paulina-photography_zps370450a5.jpg  photo portland-farmers-market-peonies-oregon-linnea-paulina-photography_zps25dedfc0.jpg


Aren't these pictures gorgeous?? I just love peonies.
Other than having awesome photography skills, she is seriously one of the sweetest people
I have ever met. Definitely check out her photography website, you will not be sorry.
Thanks so much for guest posting, Linnea!

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portlander post: Anything and Everything


Hey there GoodHeart readers, my name is Justine and I blog over at Anything and Everything.
In 2010 I moved to Portland, Oregon from Salem, Oregon in order to attend Portland State
University. Moving to Portland was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life thus far.
I had so much fun exploring the city, and got to know a lot of great people. I knew before I had
moved to Portland how awesome the food scene is, but once I made the move I became quite the
foodie. I even have a page on my blog dedicated to all of my favorite restaurants in Portland
{which you can see here}. One of my favorite things to do in life is sit around a table with great
food, surrounded by even greater company. You’re probably wondering what my favorite meal of
the day is, and it’s definitely dessert. Yes, dessert is a meal and you cannot tell me any different.
 photo IMG_3477-Version2_zpse7904b50.jpg
I was so flattered when I received an email from Danica asking me if I would like to do this
guest post on Portland for her. {Thank you for thinking of me Danica!} From my babbling above,
you’ve probably gathered that I’m going to share some of my favorite places in Portland to chow
down, and you’re right. Though more specifically, I want to share some of my favorite places
for dessert. Enjoy!

One of my favorite treats in the world is a Parisian macaron. It is a light, airy, and somewhat
chewy cookie made out of almond meal and typically filled with cream. The best place in Portland
to grab a few, or a box full of these little treats is, Nuvrei. They come in a wide variety of flavors,
but the pistachio and chocolate ganache are my favorites.
 photo IMG_2697_zps4de71fed.jpg

My love for French pastries continues, although I have yet to visit France. I feel that St. Honoré Boulangerie
really knows how to do a chocolate croissant, possibly because it’s owned by a Frenchman, ha. Really,
you can’t go wrong with any pastry you get there. I love the minis because it allows me to
try a little bit of everything.
 photo IMG_2699_zpse06f044b.jpg

Ah, donuts. I’m sure everyone has heard of Voodoo Donuts, but there’s a new donut shop in town.
It’s called Blue Star Donuts, and they take donuts seriously. Some of their donut flavors include,
but are definitely not limited to: S’mores, Maple Bacon, Bananas Foster, Coffee & Coconut
Cheesecake, and PB&J.
 photo IMG_2705_zpsaa092442.jpg

Ice cream is typically my go-to dessert, but throw it between two cookies and I’m in heaven.
At Ruby Jewel Ice Cream you can get an ice cream sandwich, ice cream in a cone, ice cream in
a dish, ice cream blended, and of course an ice cream sundae. They offer a variety of flavors, and
dairy-free options as well! My favorite includes their seasonal pumpkin, and peanut butter ice cream
sandwiched between two chocolate cookies - YUM!
 photo IMG_2706_zpsd9a6ee63.jpg

Any pie lovers out there? I never really thought of myself as a pie person except on Thanksgiving;
a slice of pumpkin and pecan please! Now that I know about Pacific Pie Company I could go for
a slice of pie more than once a year. I loved their peanut butter and chocolate pie, but I’m dying to
try their banana cream!
 photo IMG_2707_zpsaf7a0c25.jpg

Head on over to my blog to read about more of my favorite restaurants in Portland!
Cheers to the official beginning of summer!


Is anyone else craving pie now??
But seriously, go check out Justine's blog and show her some love!
She's got some great places to check out for your trip to Portland, which I know
you're planning right now, and has some great photos to take a gander at.
Thanks so much for guest posting, Justine!

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portlander post: Adventures in Dressmaking


Hello, Goodheart readers! I'm Suzannah from the blog Adventures in Dressmaking, and I'm 
so happy to be talking to you about Portland today since I am a huge Portland nerd and 
promoter and love this great state we live in. My love for Oregon is what led me to study 
land use planning and public administration at U of O for undergrad and grad school, and my 
love for Portland brought me back to this region after school.

My husband and I have lived in three cities around Portland as well as the city proper, and have 
had so many experiences quintessential to this awesome (and a little strange!) city. We've 
experienced almost every kind of delay on the MAX light rail train, called every local 
Whole Foods to see if they had any unsalted Kerrygold grassfed butter to find they were all
completely out (several times), and unknowingly driven past the Naked Bike Ride and other 
themed bike rides and crowd events. We realize we are pretty darn "Portland" ourselves, 
though (oh, how I wish we could raise chickens in our yard!), and we love it here.

I feel very lucky to have been raised in this region surrounded by natural areas, accepting 
community groups, and recycling facilities, and I'm pretty sure I'll stick around for a while! 
We bought a house in the area last summer, and we can see staying here indefinitely! 
This region has everything we need.

I can't even begin to list all the things I love about the Portland area. I combed through some 
photos I've taken over the years to see if I could make a good list--and I don't think I can cover it all! 
But, here are some of the things I love about living here.

I love the parks.

This is Laurelhurst Park, a big one in SE Portland. It has its own pond! I love spending time 
in relaxing places like this park. I also appreciate the sense of humor of Portland Parks & Rec.

I love that I have help growing things on my porch.

There are entire books about this! 
successful container gardening on our townhouse porch.

I love the smell of the rain.

Which is my way of trying to be positive when it looks like this so many days out of the year.

I love that I can do this 15 minutes from downtown Portland.

We have strict urban growth boundaries here that protect resource land like this peach/pear farm 
north of Hillsboro. I love u-pick berries and peaches in the summer. Oh, how I love summer.

I love that I love going to the coast, even when it looks like this.

...and literally the next day, it looks like this. True story.

But you never know, because in January sometimes it looks like this.

I love you, Portland metro area! I'll tell the world about how great you are whenever I get a chance!
(But hey, rest of the world--don't ALL move here at once, k??) ;)

Thanks for having me, Danica! Readers, visit me at Adventures in Dressmaking for more 
Portland area pics and tales mixed in with my typical DIY sewing, decor, and food posts. 
We Portland bloggers blog about all kinds of good stuff! ;)

It's true, the coast is still amazing even with horrible weather.
Isn't Suzannah awesome! Other than having some mad sewing skills, seriously, she also has
a book coming out next year. That's right, a book! Definitely check out her blog and don't
forget to say hi! Thanks so much for guest posting, Suzannah!

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portland week 2.0


 photo portland-week-20-goodheart_zps123eb53c.jpg
 Here we are again. Portland Week.
Last year, I dedicated a week to the lovely and rainy place I moved to, Portland. I thought 
we should do it all again this year! I've got 3 guest posts lined up from some lovely ladies who 
also call this place home and a couple of posts from me. Get excited my friends, it's going to be 
a great week! Here's to 2 years of living life in the Pacific Northwest!

Missed out on last year's Portland Week? No worries. Here they are:
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friday's fancies #67


summer ready
It's officially the first day of summer. Where has the year gone? 
Summer means longer days, sandals, popsicles, the beach and lots more. 
Are you ready for it?

This outfit includes:
Chevron Stitch Tank from Madewell
Printed Bermudas from Zara
Dark City Shades from Nasty Gal
Alto Accordion Drawstring from Dooney & Bourke

Check out more summer outfits on long distance loving!
Have a great weekend!

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farewell to google reader


 photo tumblr_m5vatfbcg31qb83abo1_500_zpse7135127.png 
I'm sure by now you know Google Reader and Google Friend Connect are leaving us 
for good on July 1st, and I'd love for you guys to keep following!
Here are some options:

It's my favorite! Been using it since it came on the scene, and I don't see myself 
changing that anytime soon. It is so easy to go through new posts from all the blogs 
I follow. If you go with Bloglovin', don't forget to go to settings and select the frame! 
Makes life so much easier. 

2. Feedly
I keep hearing a lot about this one. Apparently it's quite similar to Google Reader.

(and for the ones I hadn't heard of till today...)
3. Pulse
This one is the most customizable. 
If that's what you are looking for, check this one out.

It's only in an app version as of right now, but organizes the content in magazine form. 

5. Taptu
This one is also an app. Great for feeds that are photo-heavy. 
You can add your Facebook and Twitter feeds too.

This one sounds cool, but is more technical. 
You can switch to your feed, social media, and more on one dashboard.

So my question, what new reader will you choose?

**Before I end this post, we need to talk about the image above. 
Other than it being crazy amazing, that view! You could probably guess where 
the location is, Greece of course. Not just anywhere in Greece though, a small 
island just a boat ride away from Santorini. This is a villa! A villa where you can 
rent a room and have a view of the Caldera and the island of Santorini! 
It's called Perivolas Hideaway, and it needs to happen in my life. 
Greece, I miss you so.
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gabrielle aplin


 photo gabrielle-press-2_zps7fb3b938.jpg 
If you haven't heard Gabrielle Aplin's music, I would highly suggest you do. 
Her songs are a-mazing. Just take a listen to these...
Amazing, right?? You can find her Home EP on itunes to purchase. 
Hoping that her new album will be on there soon too!

And now for the giveaway....Krista W. is the winner! 
Thanks to everyone who entered. 
I hope to have another giveaway in the next couple of months.

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friday's fancies #66


wedding guest chic

I'm one of those people. The people that look and pin a lot of wedding things. 
It's not even remotely necessary in my life, I just think it's all so pretty. 
So there was no need to twist my arm for this week's Friday's Fancies theme,  
I'll gladly pretend I have somewhere to go and get all dressed up for. 
With all these pretty items, how could you not?

This look includes:
Mint Cute Dress from Modcloth
Solid Python Clutch from Shopbop
Ever After Necklace from Stella & Dot
Glint Flower CZ Earrings from Stella & Dot

You could possibly win not one, but two bracelets. Ends June 18th.

Have a great weekend!

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favery giveaway!


Surprise! Here's my first giveaway on the blog.
My boss generously offered two items to giveaway that I know you guys will love.
 photo fabric_bark_zpsb1537e2a.jpg
The winner will win 2 of the bangle bracelets above (worth a total of $45).
These bracelets are made by Mikuti with banana bark and local Tanzania fabric.
Also, they are really lightweight and are approximately 2 2/3" in size.
A perfect addition to your summer outfits! 
Winner will be announced next Wednesday, June 19th!

*Please leave your name and email address in your blog post comment.

Open to US residents only. 
Winner will be notified via email and have 24 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen. 
Entries will be verified so please play fair! Good luck to you all.

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every minute


 photo your-life-quote_zps303176e6.png

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friday's fancies #65


serious sunnies
This week, on long distance loving, is all about sunnies. I'm definitely thinking about saving
up for a nice pair of sunglasses. Usually, I just get a cheap pair at Target or Forever21. 
What do you do? Save up for one really nice pair, or get a few at a lower price point?
Right now, I'm getting into really simple outfits. A cute top, nice jeans, and sandals are
sometimes all you need. It's uncomplicated and unfussy, which is perfect for summer.

This look includes:
Super Star Necklace from Gorjana

Have a great weekend!

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my jewelry box


 photo IMG_2965_zps992ad4ce.jpg
Does anyone else love druzy jewelry as much as I do?! These earrings are my new favorite 
and I bought them from a company I work for. I might have mentioned that I got another 
part time job in February. This job is doing freelance work for Favery, a startup company 
bringing you unique jewelry at great prices. I would love for you guys to check out the site 
and sign up (which is free to do)! With signing up, you'll get $25 off your first purchase and 
you can earn credits when inviting your friends to join too for even more discounts! 
Sign up here and check out all that Favery has to offer!

Here are a few other items on my wish list:

Favery Faves

Items in this post include:
Lil Cushion Druzy Studs in Dark Silver (available in other colors)

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social strategies and donuts


This past month, I went to another Portland Bloggers' event. This time we learned 
about social strategies from Ashley Stuart who works at SwellPath. It was great to learn 
about some new things in social media (I mean, there's just so much) and get to chat 
with some fellow bloggers.
 photo PDXBloggersMay-PDXBloggersMay-0038_zps3ea70388.jpg  photo PDXBloggersMay-PDXBloggersMay-0015_zps94e1790a.jpg  photo PDXBloggersMay-PDXBloggersMay-0052_zps38237e7e.jpg
Some sponsors of the event were Blue Star Donuts (in the picture above). They were 
pretty fabulous. My favorite was the cinnamon sugar one. Not pictured were some 
wonderful macarons from Nuvrei, which I devoured later and shared with a friend. 
And last but not least, the photographers of the event were Grace and Jaden from 
Hurtienne Photography (rhymes with martini!). Loved the photos they took!

If you are in the Portland area definitely join in on the events!
Check out more about the Portland Bloggers and up coming events, here.
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