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You might have noticed a new sponsor button on the left there. 
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"Vancouver Fashion Week is a diverse and innovative fashion experience that features both
established and emerging designers worldwide. We are the 2nd largest fashion event in
North America, next to New York Fashion Week.  There will be more than 55 designers
participating at VFW, from 14 countries, and 26 cities. We are proud to say that well known
designers, such as Takashi Aqzawi (Japan), Mirae Kim (Korea), Jacom Kimmie (South Africa), 
Jaya Misra (India), and Laend Phuengkit (Germany) will showcase their remarkable 
designs at VFW 2013."

Sounds awesome, right?!
Now I know for most of us, we won't be able to attend. Sad day.
Don't fret though, we can all watch it live online (here)!

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