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Well guys, it's my birthday! I'm now 24 years old and it's been a good one.
Went to see Swan Lake on Saturday and yesterday, my friends and I went to dinner and a movie. 
The restaurant was nice enough to give me crème brûlée as my birthday dessert, which was delicious.
Is it weird that I feel my birthday snuck up on me? That's okay, I have a feeling 24 is going to be much better than 23. 

Have a wonderful day! 

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new eyes


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friday's fancies #50


This week is all about the upcoming Oscars. 
I'm not very big on award shows, but I'm all for the pretty dresses.
red carpet ready

I love Jenny Packham dresses, and this one is no exception.
This dress has an amazing neckline and is just so pretty and flowy. Love! 
We can't forget the sparkles, those Louboutin's are practically a disco ball!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
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sharing is caring


Today I thought I'd share where I got my faux fur scarf, which was originally posted here.
faux fur photo IMG_2895_zps74266680.jpg
I now have two and love them! (The third one is my Mom's)
They are super soft and are even machine washable.
You can purchase them at Restoration Hardware, here.
And the best part...they are $12.99! That's right guys, $12.99.
So go ahead buy one or more, but snatch them up before their gone!
fauxfurrocks photo fauxfurrocks_zps617f50f2.jpg

Colors displayed in first picture : Mink, Chinchilla, and Sable. 
In bottom picture I'm wearing Mink. 

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wishing wednesday #11 - birthday edition


In exactly one week, I will be turning 24. I feel like my birthday snuck up on me.
How is it almost the end of February??
Anyway, here's a list of things I'd love to get!

birthday wish list

This list is full on Spring! Apparently pastels are going to be my thing this season. 
Loving the pastels!

My list:
Strawberry Cascade Pleated Dress from Ruche
Cashmere-silk scarf in Fresh Mint from Banana Republic
Vintage Denim Jacket from J.Crew
Skinny Mini Bow Studs in Mint from Kate Spade
Legacy Perforated Mini Tanner Bag from Coach
Lace-Up Polka Dot Sandals from Forever 21
EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens from Canon

What item have you been eyeing for your birthday??

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I kind of forgot about these pictures, but I thought I'd share them.
goodheart-sunset photo IMG_2545_zpsd001b937.jpg goodheart-sunset photo IMG_2548_zpse4f86704.jpg goodheart-sunset photo IMG_2551_zps5fb7f579.jpg
These were taken in December, which is pretty astounding since we usually don't see the 
sun at all until like July. This day though, the sky was just spectacular. 
What can I say, I'm a sucker for a pretty sunset. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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friday's fancies #49


Well, we've now come full circle. 
This week's theme is the same as the first one I did last year. Crazy how time flies!

red + pink

This outfit isn't for the faint of heart.
Those pants are a pretty bold print, not to mention the ridiculously pink sweater!
I love it though, it's perfectly bright and cheery. I'm definitely gravitating towards pink this year,
which is the opposite of last year. Take a look at my first Friday's Fancies that started it all, here.

Hope all of you had a great Valentine's Day! 
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valentine's day


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Today, I thought I'd share some super cute recipes I've found.
It might be too late to make for today, but why should heart-shaped 
food only be made on Valentine's!
I saw these on Marshalls Abroad and fell in love.
These Ice Cream Sammies are so cute!
Recipe can be found here.
So this recipe is technically in Polish, but google translate does the trick! 
Looks like it would be worth it for these Chocolate Crepes with Strawberries. Yum!
Recipe can be found here.    
Last, but not least, heart-shaped Red Velvet Macarons. 
Talk about adorable and delicious!
Recipe can be found here.

So go forth and make these delicious looking sweets for any special occasion, or just a special day. 
Have a wonderful Valentine's! 

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the dock of the bay


Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite songs. I am definitely a fan of Sara Bareilles, 
even though I had been mispronouncing her last name for quite some time. (oops!)
I'm still hoping I'll be able to go to one of her concerts. Come to Portland soon, Sara! 
I'm not usually one for remakes. Good covers of songs and redone movies are hard to come by.
Usually, they should just leave it alone. If they ever touch Ferris Bueller's Day Off, 
I will be very disappointed. You know they are going to remake the Sound of Music,
 it's blasphemy I tell ya. Anyway, the point is that this remake is just awesome.

Have a wonderful week!

friday's fancies #48


This week has gotten away from me. How is it already Friday??
For February being the shortest month of the year, it always
(and I mean always) seems to be the busiest.

lovely layers
I love all the outfits that I create each week, but sometimes I feel really proud of certain ones. 
Today's is one of those. I'm not sure why I feel like I really accomplished something with this 
outfit, but I do. Maybe because I combined polka dots, a sweater, and that gorgeous Coach bag. 
Seriously want that bag! Perhaps it's that the nail polish is called Kerfuffle, which I get a kick 
out of. I may just buy it for the name alone. (I love what Butter London names their polishes, 
one is called No More Waity, Katie.) I don't know if there is a real point to this, but just saying, 
I love this outfit.

Stay warm East Coasters and have a wonderful weekend! 
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travel tuesday: park city, utah


It's been so long since I've had any traveling to talk about. 
I should really rethink the name of this series, but for now, I'll stick with what I've got.

What do you do with an extra day in Utah? Visit Park City.
It's a small town, with an adorable main street. We didn't get to spend a ton of time there,
and in hindsight that was for the best. Half way through our drive back to SLC,
the winter storm started.
 photo IMG_2767_zps8e2e0826.jpg  photo IMG_2756_zps75c433e9.jpg  photo IMG_2744_zps0c7228cf.jpg  photo IMG_2738_zps38f22cdc.jpg  photo IMG_2765_zpseb822157.jpg  photo IMG_2773_zpsf2c59c82.jpg  photo IMG_2774_zps060b0bfe.jpg  photo IMG_2771_zps92af035a.jpg  photo IMG_2798_zps1f66b67b.jpg  photo IMG_2821_zps5ca8916e.jpg
It was a winter wonderland! 
We spent the day walking around and checking out the shops.
Also, we had lunch at The Eating Establishment which was pretty good.
(psst, Rachel Ray has been there.) Overall, it was a really nice day trip! 

Have you ever been to Park City?? 
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friday's fancies #47


This weeks theme is pretty fitting, especially after my snow day post.
The theme is après-ski!
I love my army green parka with fur hood so much, I wear it all the time! 
And those boots, I've been eyeing them for quite awhile. They are such a great neutral color. 
This outfit is perfectly cozy, but I think I've already gotten my dose of snow for the year. 

Are you ready for more snow? Do you hit the slopes often?
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