snow day


As I said earlier this week, I saw a lot of snow in Salt Lake City. So. Much. Snow.
More snow than I have ever witnessed in life, granted I'm from Texas so that would make sense.
My last day in Utah, we took a day trip to Park City (I'll tell you about that in another post), 
but on the way back and for the rest of the night there was a snow storm. It was crazy.
 photo IMG_2822_zps645938ce.jpg  photo IMG_2828_zpsfe0b7e66.jpg  photo IMG_2829_zps99e122b3.jpg
These pictures of me are pretty ridiculous, but those snowflakes just kept attacking my eyeballs. 
Seriously unfriendly snow.
 photo IMG_2841_zps2a7e6a04.jpg  photo IMG_2847_zpsbe169866.jpg  photo IMG_2839_zpsf748b8bc.jpg  photo IMG_2836_zpsb9d77a9a.jpg
My parents found out that the people who made the snowman were from Houston, Texas. 
Only Texans would go outside in this and take pictures. We need proof that we saw snow! 

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