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Readers first. 
One of the most important parts is your audience. When it comes to growing your 
blog and finally when you start collaborating with brands, 
everything should always be done with your readers in mind. 

Attract or repel. 
This is Jasmine Star's philosophy and is quite true. Not everyone is going to like your blog, 
and that's okay. The people who stick around are the ones that get you and your story. 

Reveal who you are. 
Your story is important and makes connections with others. It's not always deep, meaningful, 
and crazy personal stories (unless you feel comfortable with that), but showcasing your 
personality helps you create your unique brand. As Jasmine said, "brides choose photographers, 
not just photographs." The same can be said for us...readers don't just choose a blog, 
they choose the blogger. 

Set yourself apart. 
Easier said than done, if you ask me. I think, in this blogging community, a lot of us have 
similar likes and dislikes which makes it harder for us to be completely unique. 
"What you're not says as much about you as what you are." Sometimes knowing what 
you don't like, can be helpful in distinguishing your unique point of view. 

These are the big things that I took away from Alt Summit. 
Creating a unique, personal brand will make your blog or 
business what you always wanted it to be. 
Think bold. Think beautiful. Think big.

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