snow day


As I said earlier this week, I saw a lot of snow in Salt Lake City. So. Much. Snow.
More snow than I have ever witnessed in life, granted I'm from Texas so that would make sense.
My last day in Utah, we took a day trip to Park City (I'll tell you about that in another post), 
but on the way back and for the rest of the night there was a snow storm. It was crazy.
 photo IMG_2822_zps645938ce.jpg  photo IMG_2828_zpsfe0b7e66.jpg  photo IMG_2829_zps99e122b3.jpg
These pictures of me are pretty ridiculous, but those snowflakes just kept attacking my eyeballs. 
Seriously unfriendly snow.
 photo IMG_2841_zps2a7e6a04.jpg  photo IMG_2847_zpsbe169866.jpg  photo IMG_2839_zpsf748b8bc.jpg  photo IMG_2836_zpsb9d77a9a.jpg
My parents found out that the people who made the snowman were from Houston, Texas. 
Only Texans would go outside in this and take pictures. We need proof that we saw snow! 

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 photo IMG_2707_zpsdad03465.jpg 
Readers first. 
One of the most important parts is your audience. When it comes to growing your 
blog and finally when you start collaborating with brands, 
everything should always be done with your readers in mind. 

Attract or repel. 
This is Jasmine Star's philosophy and is quite true. Not everyone is going to like your blog, 
and that's okay. The people who stick around are the ones that get you and your story. 

Reveal who you are. 
Your story is important and makes connections with others. It's not always deep, meaningful, 
and crazy personal stories (unless you feel comfortable with that), but showcasing your 
personality helps you create your unique brand. As Jasmine said, "brides choose photographers, 
not just photographs." The same can be said for us...readers don't just choose a blog, 
they choose the blogger. 

Set yourself apart. 
Easier said than done, if you ask me. I think, in this blogging community, a lot of us have 
similar likes and dislikes which makes it harder for us to be completely unique. 
"What you're not says as much about you as what you are." Sometimes knowing what 
you don't like, can be helpful in distinguishing your unique point of view. 

These are the big things that I took away from Alt Summit. 
Creating a unique, personal brand will make your blog or 
business what you always wanted it to be. 
Think bold. Think beautiful. Think big.

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alt in pictures


I'm still trying to figure out the awesomeness that is Alt in words, 
so today I'm sharing lots of pictures.
 photo alt-summit-snow_zpsb081cd23.png
I have seen more snow this past week than in my entire life. 
This trip would not have been complete until I slipped and fell on ice while getting out the car. 
(yep, that happened)
 photo IMG_2698_zps1b08694f.jpg
The Grand America Hotel, where the conference was held, is literally the fanciest place I've ever stepped foot in. 
It's gorgeous, with the most amazing chandeliers (like the one above). 
Even the bathrooms are fancy.
 photo alt-summit-instas-1_zps41c8f425.png
The first day was a blur of information, giant fortune cookies, and meeting great people.
In the top right corner, was Jasmine Star's session on Personal Branding. 
It was probably my favorite session of the entire conference. 
Bottom right corner was at the Clue party! I met Bethany from 
The Glamorous Housewife and Paige from Blogads, both such nice people.
 photo IMG_2706_zpsd152e9e3.jpg
All thanks go to Bing! First for sponsoring and second, and most importantly for me, 
for giving me the opportunity to attend Alt in the first place. 
Winning a ticket to Alt was truly amazing! Thanks Bing!
 photo alt-summit-party_zpsa2c9761f.png
Party, party! Alt sponsors sure know how to throw one!
The second night I gave up on my heels, but leopard flats are always a good substitute.
I met lots of people during the mini parties, but mainly hung out with Kristie, a graphic designer, 
and Linnea of Linnea Paulina Photography (and a fellow Portlander). 
They are two of the sweetest people ever!
 photo alt-summit-content_zps30c0f817.png
Ultimately, Alt was a whirlwind! I'm so glad I got to experience it. 

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i'm back


biz cards 2013 photo IMG_2862_zpsc0edafa3.jpg

I got home about 30 minutes ago and I'm exhausted.
(at least my flight wasn't delayed! SLC is having some serious winter storms.)
All I want to do is take a nap, which is exactly what I'm going to do. 
After that, I'm going to go through that stack of business cards in the picture
and check out the blogs of the people I met. 
I'll be back tomorrow to share all of the awesomeness that is Alt!
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friday's fancies #46


black + white

Black and white is always a classic combo, and striking. 
I always love the look of white skinny jeans but I feel I could never wear them. 
(Seriously, how do you keep them clean during the day) 
Anyway, if I did, I would definitely wear this outfit. 

Alt Summit is amazing guys! Follow along on my adventures with twitter & instagram
Have a wonderful weekend! I'll have lots of stuff to share next week. 

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say my name


Anyone else think of the Destiny's Child song too?? #90skid
Anyway, while I'm jetting off on a plane to Alt Summit, I thought I'd post a video.
My first vlog. I got the idea after seeing a video on Moorea Seal's blog on how to pronounce her name,
so I'm copying and also doing a fun questionnaire.
Hopefully it's not too awkward.
Hope you enjoyed the video!

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I actually had to dress up today, so outfit pictures were a must.
 photo IMG_2606_zpscc6ec50a.jpg  photo IMG_2635_zps7582d6d0.jpg  photo closeupfeathers_zps99c5c1f1.jpg  photo IMG_2608_zps077c3c2f.jpg
It was crazy cold this morning, hence the layers. 
Let me just say that my shoes are not for all types of weather, 
I almost slipped on some of the icy sidewalks. 

I need to go pack for Alt! 
Happy Tuesday! 
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scarf: Gap (similar)
coat: Gap
top: Loft
cardigan: J.Crew
skirt: Gap (similar)
tights: Hanes Solutions/Target (best tights ever)
shoes: Shoemint



friday's fancies #45


outfit crush-winter

I've been crushing on this outfit for a long time, and recreating it definitely tested my styling skills.
It's difficult to find a fur scarf in that color. Just sayin'. 
I love it though, it's the perfect mix of casual and dressy pieces. 

Don't forget to check out more outfits on long distance loving
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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2012 may have been the year of pattern for Kate Spade, but I think 2013 will be mine.
I have evidence...
 photo IMG_2595_zps8bd41733.jpg
I realized while figuring out my outfits for Alt Summit, that I have a lot of patterns going on. 
Don't worry, I'm not wearing them all at once. 

I'm seriously nervous/excited for Alt!
Are you going too?? Check out these links. 
Can't wait! 

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golden globes 2013


The only reason I watched the Golden Globes this year was because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hosting.
I thought they were great, but they definitely needed more camera time. On the fashion front, I thought it was kind of blah. 
I realize most of them are saving it up for the Oscar's, but still, why go with so many boring dresses.
My fave though would have to be Tina Fey's sparkly blue dress, it was amazing.
Love, love that dress. 
Other honorable mentions: Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner both looked great. 

My other favorite part of the show, would be this moment...
This priceless moment was when Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell were presenting,
Tommy Lee Jones was so not excited.

What did you think of the Golden Globes??

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picture 1// Golden Globes
picture 2// twitter

books and other things


Getting ready for Alt! It's crazy that it's next week! 

tulip case
My new iphone case from my Society6 store. Can be found here.

Need to finish reading these books. 

lipstick and polish
New makeup: Revlon//Really Red in Matte, Essie//Mademoiselle, Mac//Plumful.
My Mac lipstick in Plumful is seriously my new favorite. The beauty blogger over on Essie Button highly recommended it.
Tried it out and it will now be a constant in my makeup bag. It looks like a serious color, but it's actually more of a neutral.

Happy Tuesday!

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ps Happy Birthday to my Dad!!

happiness & tea


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source: Time for Tea

friday's fancies #44


emerald city

This is the year for the color emerald, according to Pantone. 
It's a great choice. Emerald is a gorgeous color that can seem cheery and bright, while also having depth and richness as a jewel tone. It also goes with so many colors, but I personally gravitate to the bright pink and emerald combo.
What color would you choose to pair with emerald?

Check out more outfits on long distance loving
Happy Friday! 
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soft pinks & sequins


Sometimes I go through phases of pinning things of similar color palettes.
This time, it's all about soft pinks and sequins.
I unintentionally made a wedding board. So if you happen to be in search of wedding ideas, here's an option!
I'm in love with the flowers, draping, and chandeliers of that ceremony. We can't forget the sequins!
Love the bridesmaids outfits of sequins and lace. All of these elements add such a pretty elegance. 
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engagement shot: via Green Wedding Shoes//photography by Meg Perotti
stationery: via Wedding Chicks// by Rifle Paper Co.

wishing wednesday #10


This Wednesday, I'm tapping into my wanderlust.
Amazing picture, right? And that sunset! So pretty.
This beach is close to Platja d'Aro in the Girona province of Spain.   
It's pretty much a hop, skip, and a jump away from Barcelona. Really, if you were in Barcelona it would take you a little over an hour to get there, if you were driving. That's nothing in Texas miles! 
Looks like I need to take another trip to Spain. 
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*Texas miles=the ridiculous distance to get anywhere in Texas (generally speaking)

source: 500px

aubergine and leopard


My outfit posts are far and few between. I'm definitely trying to change that.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
For awhile there, it was actually sunny! 
I mean, I'm wearing sunglasses guys, that never happens this time of year. 
But don't let that fool you (cause I was fooled), the wind was freezing! 
My hair in these pictures is a little all over the place and wasn't completely dry, 
but I did cut it quite a bit. I'm liking the shorter hair. 

Happy Tuesday!

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faux fur: gift
sweater: h&m
pants: Gap (last season cords)
shoes: Target (old)
purse: Coach