friday's fancies #38


totally me

This week is all about what you would wear, like in real life.
Personally, I'm one for scarves and I have a lot (and convince others they should have more than one too). Far more than any person from Texas should have, but I'm in the Pacific Northwest now so it's okay.
There's something about gray sweaters that I love. Sweaters and the color gray, for me, is just cozy.
I tend to keep things simple and let my accessories stand out, even the nail polish.
I'm, also, having a moment with keeping jewelry minimal. So, that's my style right now. 
What's something that makes your

Don't forget to check out more outfits over on long distance loving!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sign me up. I love everything and could see it all in my closet.

  2. i do too! i'll definitely have to think about buying it. :)

  3. Oh, I would TOTALLY rock this outfit.
    I have an undeniable love for scarves as well.
    Especially the BIG pouffy infinity ones :) They're gorgeous.
    Thanks for all the Friday inspo!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  4. i love infinity scarves too. they are the best!

    have a wonderful weekend! :)

  5. We've been eyeing these leopard flats from you own a pair? This is the perfect outfit to wear them with. Love it!

  6. I love this outfit! Happy Friday!

  7. thanks shelby! hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  8. i love scarves too, & have wayyyyy too many [and still feel like i need to add to the collection, can you imagine?]

    really, i think this outfit is perfect, right down to the colorful polish pop!

  9. thanks!

    yeah, i'm always adding more too! there's just so many great scarves out there! :)

  10. That looks like the PERFECT outfit to me. I love big chunky knits, but for some reason have never found myself buying them! I wish I could be wearing that today since it's so misty out (rainy weekend ahead)!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!

  11. thanks kristina! you should definitely get yourself a sweater like this one. they are the best for rainy days. :)

    hope you had a great thanksgiving too! stay dry!


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