friday's fancies #31


outfit crush-fall

This is outfit crush 2.0--the fall edition. 
My inspiration is something I pinned a long time ago. I had a hard time choosing, but the umbrella in the picture sealed the deal. Since I live in one of the rainiest areas in this country, it felt appropriate.
(Although, they say that you are not a true Portlander if you use one.)
The umbrella I added is called...::drum roll, please::...the Ninja umbrella! Isn't that awesome.
I have a story about the shoes. During the summer, I went to the movies and saw a girl wearing these exact pair with a ridiculously cute outfit. I'm now sold on them. They are a fantastic pair of clogs.
(I didn't say it was a long story, or a particularly good one.) 

I have things to share with you all on Monday!
Till then, have a fun weekend!  
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