friday's fancies #31


outfit crush-fall

This is outfit crush 2.0--the fall edition. 
My inspiration is something I pinned a long time ago. I had a hard time choosing, but the umbrella in the picture sealed the deal. Since I live in one of the rainiest areas in this country, it felt appropriate.
(Although, they say that you are not a true Portlander if you use one.)
The umbrella I added is called...::drum roll, please::...the Ninja umbrella! Isn't that awesome.
I have a story about the shoes. During the summer, I went to the movies and saw a girl wearing these exact pair with a ridiculously cute outfit. I'm now sold on them. They are a fantastic pair of clogs.
(I didn't say it was a long story, or a particularly good one.) 

I have things to share with you all on Monday!
Till then, have a fun weekend!  
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september sunset


I've come to the conclusion that, here in Oregon, September sunsets are the prettiest. 
Tonight was no different. 

Hope all of you are having a great week.
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class time


Yesterday and today I took a couple of classes, Alt Summit classes to be exact. 
I've now taken three of their online courses and they have all been great. The two I took this week were free ones sponsored by Bing, one about what brands think of your blog and the other about SEO. At one point, there was a discussion about robots and all I could think of was dancing the robot.
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!
 To say that some of the SEO info was a bit overwhelming, would certainly be true for me. 
I still feel that it is valuable to learn it, even if it didn't all make sense quite yet. 
I definitely recommend taking their classes, they are inexpensive and some are even free!
You, also, find new blogs and friends! It's a win-win.  
Now if only I could get to go to Alt. in Salt Lake City. Maybe next year! 

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in the fall


                                                                                            Source: a blog with a view

Go forth and find yourself something with pumpkin in it.
It's certainly about time for me to have a pumpkin chai tea latte. 
Happy Tuesday!

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friday's fancies #30


It's definitely football season.
Although I usually don't care much about sports, at least not to the extent of most people, I still grew up in Texas. And growing up in Texas means you are around football whether you like it or not. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the sport, I still cheer for my college team.

wreck 'em tech!

Sometimes I do actually miss going to the Texas Tech football games. 
Wreck 'em Tech!

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ps Today I changed up my blog design a bit. 
I'm not quite done yet, but I hope you like it! 

for you


                                                                           Source: via Danica on Pinterest

Right now, I hope this statement is really true.
Maybe I'll have some especially good news to share soon!

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friday's fancies #29


fall lust list

I'm just so excited for fall! I hope you are too! 
This is a very short lust list, cause there's a lot more that I've got my eye on.   
I should really think about getting one of the monogram necklaces from BaubleBar
since it's now the third Friday's Fancies in a row that I've used it. 
Question is though, mini or medium size monogram? What do you think?
I, also, seem to still have a thing for burgundy, and I don't think that's going away anytime soon. 
What's on your fall lust list??

Have a fabulous weekend!
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I thought it was about time to take out my camera again and put it to use.
These are a few things that I'm loving lately. 
Finally found a mustard yellow cardigan! My old one got a hole in it and I've been searching ever since. Got this one at Target! Those other two items are super comfy t-shirts from Victoria's Secret Pink. I'm possibly thinking of buying a couple more. 

Flavored water. I'm going through a list of them I have pinned on Pinterest. This time I tried apple cinnamon water. Yum. 

My favorite body mist, Warm & Cozy by Victoria's Secret Pink. They just redesigned the packaging and I'm loving the color and polka dots on the bottle. Also got the all new 2 in 1 wash & scrub and luminous body butter. New packaging and products only seem to be available in stores at the moment.
I saved the best for last. This sweater from Urban Outfitters is so amazing! It's beautiful and seems to be very well made. As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to add it to my closet...and so did my mom. I'm serious! I called my mom the day I saw it and said that we both had to have it. She agreed and bought one for each of us. (thanks mom!)  It's a bit pricier than most sweaters, but it is completely worth it. I can't wait for cooler weather! 

Hope all of you are having a great week!
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 via Upworthy

I was in 7th grade, sitting in a desk in my second period algebra class, when I first heard about the twin towers. At that moment, I couldn't even really register what was happening. But on that day, everything changed. The course of this nation, and the world, changed forever. So here's to all the loved ones lost on that day and to those who sacrifice their lives to protect this country. You will forever be remembered.

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friday's fancies #28


back to school

It's been two years since I've had to attend a first day of school. 
I always enjoyed buying new supplies and picking out my back to school outfit! 
So even though that's not actually happening this year, I can pretend with this outfit. 
Loveee the peplum top, wine colored skinnies and gold heeled boots. 
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Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!
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smiles and champagne



Source: via Danica on Pinterest

Today I'm out helping celebrate my friend's birthday! 
See you guys tomorrow! 
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A week or so ago, I went to Nordstrom for lunch. While I was on my way up to the cafe, I spotted one of the sales associates with a fantastic outfit.  
(This probably sounds a little creepy, but whatever it was a really great outfit!) 
So, I thought I'd try to recreate it. 


Leather jacket, dress, biker boots, and glasses. Seriously love it! 
It's a look that is both cute and tough.

What do you guys think?? Would you wear an outfit like this?
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ps Hope all of you had a great Labor Day weekend!