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Hi everyone! Hope all of you are having a great week. 
It seems these past few weeks in the blogosphere, people have been speaking truths. 
I thought I might contribute a bit to this. 
I haven't been contributing as much to my blog as I would like. I've been stressed out and frustrated, not with this blog, but in one major component of my life. I'm sure almost every twenty-something that has graduated into "real" life these past few years is feeling the same. I know my issues are not unusual or original, but it is something that's going on right now. I hope this changes soon, that I can get close to figuring out even one little thing. So here's a quote to add inspiration/wisdom to your day and if any or all of you are going through something similar, you are not alone. Solidarity sister! 
(At least we got through mainstream 90s fashion in one piece! Watching episodes of Dawson's Creek has made me realize this.) 

I'd also like to add a great big thanks to you guys who have been following me for some time now and for all of you who have just found my blog! It means a lot and I look forward to your great comments every week!
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  1. I know just what you're going through - and just because your problems may not seem very original doesn't make them any less difficult and any less of a learning experience. Just keeping moving forward. Everything works out in the end; if it hasn't worked out, it's not the end :)


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