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Hi! Hope all of you had a great weekend. As per usual, mine just started today. My day has been spent sleeping in and catching up on blogs. Here's a list of things you should definitely check out.

1. Highclere Castle. Better known as Downton Abbey. Must go visit! Just like Caitlin of Roost blog
2. PONIES! That is all. See all the cuteness over on Harpers Happennings!
3. I'm just the teensiest bit jealous of Jess and Mike's travel plans!
4. Sassy water, you are delish! Go make some now or at least soonish.
5. Friend dating. Yep, sometimes it's just difficult to make friends when you aren't in school anymore.

Have you come across anything super cool?
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  1. Thanks for the links! And I loveeee that picture of the puppy in that basket - too cute :)



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