friday's fancies #27


labor day

Happy (early) Labor Day! 
Unfortunately, I'll be working all weekend...even Monday. No days off for me. If I did, I would have gone to the beach or wine tasting (there's a bunch of wineries around) and I think this outfit could work for either. The chambray dress from Madewell is pretty much perfect, love it!

Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend and holiday!
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at this moment


I'm a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance. Really.
It's really the one reality show that I look forward to every year.
There have been soooo many great dances on the show, but I still think this is one of my favorites.
I think it's my favorite because,
(a) they used a Michael Buble song
and (b) it's just crazy amazing! 
What do you think of this dance??

ps Did you catch tonight's episode? It was really great!
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hi there





 source: deviantart

Hi! Hope all of you had a great weekend. As per usual, mine just started today. My day has been spent sleeping in and catching up on blogs. Here's a list of things you should definitely check out.

1. Highclere Castle. Better known as Downton Abbey. Must go visit! Just like Caitlin of Roost blog
2. PONIES! That is all. See all the cuteness over on Harpers Happennings!
3. I'm just the teensiest bit jealous of Jess and Mike's travel plans!
4. Sassy water, you are delish! Go make some now or at least soonish.
5. Friend dating. Yep, sometimes it's just difficult to make friends when you aren't in school anymore.

Have you come across anything super cool?
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friday's fancies #26


road trip

This week, over on long distance loving, the theme is road trip! 
I certainly wish I could go on a road trip at the moment, but since I usually don't have a car it makes it a bit more difficult. If I were to hit the road right now I would love for this outfit to magically appear, cause it would be perfect. 

Seattle is at the top of my road trip list! What's yours??

ps Want to take a look at my road trip from last summer??
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burgundy is the new black


source: J.Crew

No lie. Nina Garcia even has a pinterest board dedicated to burgundy being the new black for fall. 
So, what do you think? Do you agree? 
I do. I'm dying to find a burgundy knitted scarf for this coming season!

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this time


source: tumblr 
Because sometimes we forget to see the opportunities of beginning again. 
Hope all of you have a great week!
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friday's fancies #25


summer sunset

Who doesn't love a sunset?? I mean, really, how could you not! 
It's definitely one of the more amazing things to see on this planet, although I would really love to witness the aurora borealis. Until then though, we can soak up the last rays of the sun and see the sky change colors on almost a daily basis. Pretty awesome when you think about it. 

Have a fabulous weekend! 
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I'm a big fan of J.Crew. I don't own much from them, but their style gives me tons of inspiration and that includes the crewcuts section.
 I know that an adult planned these outfits, but you gotta admit these are some seriously cool kids. 
I wish my childhood had some of this kind of style. But let's face it, the 80s and 90s included scrunchies and biker shorts.

Where else do you find style inspiration?
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yesterday and today



Today I'm taking a break. Mostly because I keep feeling like I'm getting a cold, which I've been feeling for a couple of weeks, but also because yesterday at work was pretty awful. Even though Monday was something I'd rather not ever repeat, I'm determined to have a great three day midweek-weekend (try saying that five times fast). So I've been enjoying my day off by sleeping in, eating a brownie (or two) that I made this weekend, and waiting to watch White Collar and Covert Affairs tonight. Sounds like a perfect day to me. 

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend!
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friday's fancies #24


This week is all about gorgeous gingham. 
I know I love my gingham shirt, how about you??

gorgeous gingham

I feel like this is definitely more of a fall outfit, you can blame it on the fall Glade scents that were out on display at Target today. I know most people want to hold on to summer for dear life, but there's just something special about fall. Plus, the smell of cinnamon is everywhere and pumpkin flavor is added to everything, which makes any day better if you ask me. 

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keep on going


Hi everyone! Hope all of you are having a great week. 
It seems these past few weeks in the blogosphere, people have been speaking truths. 
I thought I might contribute a bit to this. 
I haven't been contributing as much to my blog as I would like. I've been stressed out and frustrated, not with this blog, but in one major component of my life. I'm sure almost every twenty-something that has graduated into "real" life these past few years is feeling the same. I know my issues are not unusual or original, but it is something that's going on right now. I hope this changes soon, that I can get close to figuring out even one little thing. So here's a quote to add inspiration/wisdom to your day and if any or all of you are going through something similar, you are not alone. Solidarity sister! 
(At least we got through mainstream 90s fashion in one piece! Watching episodes of Dawson's Creek has made me realize this.) 

I'd also like to add a great big thanks to you guys who have been following me for some time now and for all of you who have just found my blog! It means a lot and I look forward to your great comments every week!
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friday's fancies #23


Who doesn't love a great t-shirt?? 
They really are the best basic, dress it up or down and you have a perfect outfit.

t-shirt time

I usually go for v-neck tees, but lately I'm liking the crew neck variety. 
What's your favorite type of t-shirt?

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desert wedges


Has anyone checked out the new desert wedges from TOMS?? 
I just saw these pictures on their facebook page and I'm thinking I need a pair. 
 These shoes come in black, taupe (shown in picture above), and chestnut (shown in bottom picture).
I'm thinking either the taupe or chestnut. What do you guys think? What color would you pick??

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step up

The new Step Up movie is great! Every movie has had amazing dancing, but the story line has been the same thing over and over again. While this movie still has that same similar boy meets girl story line, the grand scale of the performances was just plain cool, the Miami setting is gorgeous and the number of dancers involved just adds so much more to it.

Go see it! It's really quite amazing in 3D too. 
Have any of you seen it? Which dance is your fave?
Mine is the museum dance.
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