friday's fancies #21


This week's theme over on long distance loving is Euro Trip!
And now, I sincerely wish I was roaming around Europe again.
Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket?? 
(just kidding...kind of)
euro trip

The two must haves for me are a crossbody bag and comfy shoes. I took a pair of Sperry's boat shoes on my trip and they worked out great! Those shoes worked for when I went sailing, the wet winter weather in Southern Europe, and walking around everywhere. Comfy but cute shoes are a serious must!
What are your must haves while traveling?

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  1. those blue pants are beautiful! i love them!

    - lauren

  2. Good choices!what you said about shoes is totally true for any destiny!

  3. Been craving some good Euro tripping :) My friend just got back and I'm itching to go! Cute bag!

    Nook & Sea


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