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Hello! My name is Jenni and I blog about do-it-yourself parties over at A Well Crafted Party and the rest of my life over at Leave the Laundry for Later. When Danica asked me if I would like to post about things I love about Portland I was super excited to share. I moved to Portland from Oklahoma (Danica still somehow likes me even with the Texas/Okie rivalry) 5 years ago and fell in love with this crazy little city.

Portland has the charm of a small town with the draw of a big city. I threw together my top five places that I like to bring guests when they come visit me here in Stumptown.

Put a bird on it— Portland Waterfront
Stumptown Coffee  can be found all over Portland. I love their cold brew.
1. Coffee— I love coffee in all shapes and forms. And, I love that in Portland you can get great coffee nearly everywhere.

2. Pittock Mansion— Portland is a really beautiful city. Looking down on it from Pittock Mansion on a clear day is unforgettable. We like to hike through part of Forest Park to get to the mansion. What other city has a forest in the middle of it!?

3. Powell's Books— Yep, it is on everyone's favorite Portland treasure list. But, it is on everyone's list for good reason. A full city block and four stories of books is my kind of store. I like to bring guests to Powell's and let everyone get lost for a few hours in the City of Books.

Forest Park can make you forget that you are in the middle of the city. Then, a short hike later, you can stop into your favorite pub for a drink or hop onto the train and hit the town's hot spots.
The view from Pittock Mansion at sunset.
4. Either Departure -OR- Portland City Grill— Either of these bars are great for viewing the city. Departure is wonderful if the weather is great. Go out onto the balcony to see the city and drink in a fun cocktail. Portland City Grill is good whatever the weather and has an amazing Happy Hour.

The Arches in Downtown Portland near Skidmore fountain. The pink building in the background, "The Big Pink," can be seen from nearly anywhere in Portland and houses Portland City Grill.
One of the many great views you can see from the balcony of Depature.

5. Cool theme restaurants—This is actually more than one, but there are a few restaurants that have such a cool vibe and are such a fun experience that I love bringing guests to them.

Some of my favorite "theme" restaurants:
  • Marrakesh— Moroccan restaurant where you sit on cushions, eat with your hands, and enjoy a belly dancer. On-line reviews of this place are a mixed bag. And, to be honest I've had horrible service and wonderful service while eating there. But, the food is always amazing. I've never regretted the experience. 
  • Urban Fondue— I am a big fan of fondue and, while I like The Melting Pot, this little restaurant is affordable, has a lot of flair, and delivers on an amazing fondue experience. Bonus: They are connected to a great little bar with a huge list of fun cocktails. 
  • Alexis Restaurant Traditional Greek Cuisine— I am a sucker for family style. Alexis has the best Greek food I've ever tasted and it is served by a warm, friendly staff. 
  • Mother's Bistro— Not sure how much of a theme this is, except that it does feel like sitting down to a really great meal at home. I love bringing people to Mothers for Brunch. 
  • Toro Bravo— Tapas and Sangria. Yum. I like doing the "chef's choice" and being surprised with each tasty dish. 
  • Food Carts— When I moved here I was so scared of these. Finally tried them and, if the weather is nice, will often choose to eat at the carts over most restaurants.
Excuse the grainy photo... dark restaurants are not camera friendly. But, the food at Marrakesh is pretty even in a bad photo. And, quite literally, finger-licking-good.
Me enjoying a delicious birthday dessert of chocolate fondue at Urban Fondue.
This only grazes the amazing possibilities of visiting and living in PDX. I think the attractions just right outside the city would take another couple of posts. Thank you Danica for letting me share a little about what I love about Portland. Congrats on your first year in the Rose City— I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
I can definitely testify that Powell's, Mother's Bistro, and Alexis Greek restaurant are awesome! 
This list gives me so many other things to try too.
Thanks so much for guest posting Jenni!
Don't forget to hop on over to her blogs and check out her life here in PDX.
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  1. Thanks for letting me steal your blog away for the day. :) Happy 1 year!

  2. I need to get to both soon! :)

  3. haha. Thanks so much for guest posting!! :)

  4. The Pittock Mansion is great! I think I went inside once when I was 8, but whenever my husband and I visit it's just to look at the amazing view of the city from the lawn.

    And Urban Fondue is so good! I went there for the first time a few weeks ago, and have been craving it every day since.

  5. Oh I miss living in Portland! That city has my heart. I definitely agree about Powells - I could spend days in there. I think my favorite thing to do in Portland was always visiting the Rose Festival during the summer. We'd go down there several times a week during the time it was in town. Such a fun time for the family of Portland to get out and celebrate life!


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