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Hi Goodheart Readers!
My name is Sam and I blog about fashion, food, family, dates, accomplishments, parties, all sparkly things and anything else over at Sam Rosen. It was so nice to meet Danica at one of the Portland Blogger Meet Ups.

I was very excited when Danica asked me to guest post about Portland for her moving to Portland anniversary! 
It was perfect timing because I was heading to one of my favorite cupcake bakeries, Saint Cupcake.
Saint Cupcake has two locations, one on the east side and one on the west side of Portland. 
I love how they change their flavors daily. Some of my favorites are Salty Captain, Red Velvet, Pumpkin Spice, and the Vanilla with buttercream. I love the little tiny cupcakes, a perfect size to have a couple different flavors! If you want a certain flavor, make sure to check the website so you know which day to go. 
This is a great place to take visitors, go on a date, meet up with girlfriends, or grab a dozen for a party, for a hostess present, or if you just feel in the mood for cupcakes.

disregard that grease stain on the box, I accidentally tipped over the mini cupcake right before the photo.. 

I chose, chocolate with chocolate frosting, chocolate with vanilla buttercream, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, big top, coconut cream, two salty captains, vanilla with vanilla buttercream, chocolate with fudge, another vanilla, lemon zest, and carrot cake

What are your favorite bakeries in Portland?

Looks yummy doesn't it?? I'll need to find an excuse to go and try Saint Cupcake. 
Don't forget to check out Sam's blog, cause she's got an awesome sense of style!
Thanks so much for guest posting Sam!

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  1. YES! i LOVE portland! i got engaged there last year :) defiantly missed this cupcake place tho.. i'll have to plan a return trip! xoxo jillian:: enter $50 etsy gift card on cornflake dreams

  2. It seems that everyone loves this place! I need to stop by there sometime. :)

  3. I can't believe I've never tried Saint Cupcake! I will be doing that now :)

    Also, a few other good bakeries in Portland are Pix Patisserie and Saint Honore Boulangerie.

  4. I know! I need to stop by there too. Thanks for the other recommendations. :)

  5. Thanks for asking me to guest post! Can't wait to try out some of the other Portland places people suggested!


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