coral vs turquoise


The other week, I unexpectedly bought two pairs of legging jeans. I was not looking for pants or to spend any money really, but the colors were just too good to pass up. However, I really wanted to think it over before I kept them...

So what do you guys think?? Coral, turquoise, or both?
I'm ultimately thinking both. I've been looking for both these colors in pants for quite awhile. 
About the fit: They are quite stretchy, which I prefer. They are a cropped pant, but of course on me they are like regular pants (if you didn't know, I'm 5 ft tall).  I highly suggest you go and try on a pair! 

legging jeans: Gap
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  1. Cute! If you have to choose though, I vote turquoise :)

  2. Thanks Kira! I'm going to keep both. :)

  3. Thanks Isi! I'm going to do just that. :)


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