tulip fest


Tulips are definitely a favorite of mine. When I realized that the Tulip Fest in Woodburn, OR was still going on, I just had to go! I'm so glad I did, cause it was amazing seeing an entire field of them. 

My favorites were the pink and orange tulips in the second photo. They are seriously gorgeous!

Hope all of you are having a great week! 
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  1. Looks like you got lucky and didn't have much of a crowd when you went! Either that or you're a very sneaky photographer and managed to crop out all the people :)

    Also, I could have sworn I saw you today over on NW 21st - could it have been you, or did I imagine it?

  2. haha. i'm not a sneaky photographer. i went tuesday morning, so it wasn't much of a crowd.

    yeah you did see me on nw 21st! i thought it was you too, but wasn't sure. :)


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