by the wonderful Dr. Seuss

Well I had a good day today. Slept in, went shopping (found a few things too, which I'll show all of you soon), went to see The Lorax (cute movie but not super amazing or anything), and my grandma made me some of her homemade chicken noodle soup! All in all, even though the weather was weirrrrrd...we're talking rain, snow, sun, some more snow, it was crazy...today was still great! 
Hope all of you had a great day too! 

ps I kind of forgot I had pictures to share from my day at the coast! I'll post them next week, I promise. :)
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  1. I loooove chicken noodle soup! Totally making me crave some right now... and you know I'm ready to see these coastal pics :)

    Nook & Sea

  2. Oh man I can't wait till Spring! But I do love homemade chicken soup, especially in this weather. Have a great weekend! Dee {www.stringsandbuttons.com}


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