travel tuesday: lincoln city, oregon


Honestly, it's about time I had another Travel Tuesday post. I haven't had one since last October! I'm looking forward to warmer days here, even if it is rainy, cause I got plans! haha.

It was a beautiful day when I went to the beach, although close to the coast it was winnnnndy. I loved walking around in the sand and smelling all that fresh air. Lincoln City really wasn't my favorite place, I still think my favorite beach to visit is Cannon Beach, but it was nice to get to the coast for the day and visit somewhere new.

Don't mind my squinty eyes up there, I don't think they are used to seeing the sun anymore. 
ps That scarf is the one I wore for St. Patty's day! It's one of my favorites.
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  1. I'm not reallly a beach girl, but a walk in a empty one is always a good plan. That is a pretty beautiful place!

  2. Your hair looks lovely! I'd rather have ringlets or straight hair all the way through, but I have wavy hair by my ears, flat on top, and God-knows-what everywhere else. I guess you gotta do what you have to with what you've got :)

    I do love that scarf (because it's my favorite color)!

    Nook & Sea

  3. Do I spy sun at the Oregon coast?? Whaa?


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