rebecca minkoff ♥ mark.


I got the mark. Rebecca Minkoff Delight Bag about a week ago and I'm pretty excited about it! 
I think it's a fantastic buy from an amazing designer and will add a touch of toughness to my spring and summer looks. 

I'm trying not to buy very many things at the moment, but I'm still eyeing this turquoise necklace from mark...
To check out the bag and/or necklace, go here!

Hope you are having a wonderful week! 
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  1. This bag is so cute! I've been lusting after a RM mini mac for a while now but this one looks awesome too!

  2. Mark has some pretty cute stuff! I remember when Lauren Conrad was their big spokesperson, and I wanted to buy everything they had (but didn't - whew). Sometimes it's so hard being a girl ;) That black bag is perfect for everyday too. It is a crossbody?

  3. I would never have thought that mark had purses. I've always thought it was just makeup. Is it pretty decent quality?

  4. Fun bag! And I really love that necklace, it would look great with your hair :)


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