friday's fancies #7


april showers

This Friday's Fancies could not be more perfect. The rain here in Oregon has been relentless and it's been windy too. Not a great combination. I'm really loving these short Hunter boots and of course the color mint. 

Stay dry everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

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the odds


via Entropy Trading Co. but is sold out.
Hi everyone! It's been an especially long week. One thing that happens when you work on the weekends is that it seems to run into the week, so it feels never ending. I'll be glad to have a day just to hang out at home and possibly clean it too. 

I'm sure some of you know the above quote is from The Hunger Games. I finally read all the books last week, which I did enjoy (but not as much as HP). I also saw the movie last night with some friends. I thought it was pretty good, but of course, I like the book more. During the movie, the kissing scene to be exact, some kid sitting behind us said "ugggg" out loud. Everyone in the audience started cracking up! It was pretty priceless.

I hope all of you are having a great week!
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spring snow


It's supposedly Spring, but I'm pretty sure Oregon didn't get the message.

Last night it snowed and it actually stuck! It's all gone now, since it's warmed up a bit. It was really beautiful and made it seem so peaceful outside. I still think it's weird though. haha. While the weather is close to hitting 90 degrees in my hometown, it's snowing here. We're suppose to have a sunny weekend, we'll see how long that lasts. 

Hope all of you are having a great week! 
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travel tuesday: lincoln city, oregon


Honestly, it's about time I had another Travel Tuesday post. I haven't had one since last October! I'm looking forward to warmer days here, even if it is rainy, cause I got plans! haha.

It was a beautiful day when I went to the beach, although close to the coast it was winnnnndy. I loved walking around in the sand and smelling all that fresh air. Lincoln City really wasn't my favorite place, I still think my favorite beach to visit is Cannon Beach, but it was nice to get to the coast for the day and visit somewhere new.

Don't mind my squinty eyes up there, I don't think they are used to seeing the sun anymore. 
ps That scarf is the one I wore for St. Patty's day! It's one of my favorites.
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friday's fancies #6


st. patty's day

It's been a long week and mine is kind of just starting. I'm trying to get used to my new schedule, which is making it really hard to get out of bed in the morning. Anyway, who's excited about St. Patty's day?? I'm usually not actually, but I already know what I'm going to wear tomorrow since I have a really pretty green scarf.

Hope all of you have a great weekend! 
Don't forget to wear something green! :)

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by the wonderful Dr. Seuss

Well I had a good day today. Slept in, went shopping (found a few things too, which I'll show all of you soon), went to see The Lorax (cute movie but not super amazing or anything), and my grandma made me some of her homemade chicken noodle soup! All in all, even though the weather was weirrrrrd...we're talking rain, snow, sun, some more snow, it was was still great! 
Hope all of you had a great day too! 

ps I kind of forgot I had pictures to share from my day at the coast! I'll post them next week, I promise. :)
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friday's fancies #5


spring break

This week's theme is Spring Break and if I was still in school, I'd be going home for break. That may sound lame, but South Padre Island is about an hour away from my hometown (not that I've ever gone during Spring Break, call me crazy but I like my time at the beach relaxing and not so packed with people.) Either way, this is a perfect outfit for my hometown or other warm weather places. 

Can I just say how much I'm loving items with scalloped edges, mexican style tops, and anything in the color mint! An arm party is great too. haha.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!
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I'm going to be spending the day at the beach for a much needed getaway, which means I will also have a Travel Tuesday post for you next week. I know, it's about time, right??
Have a great day!

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rebecca minkoff ♥ mark.


I got the mark. Rebecca Minkoff Delight Bag about a week ago and I'm pretty excited about it! 
I think it's a fantastic buy from an amazing designer and will add a touch of toughness to my spring and summer looks. 

I'm trying not to buy very many things at the moment, but I'm still eyeing this turquoise necklace from mark...
To check out the bag and/or necklace, go here!

Hope you are having a wonderful week! 
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button swap


Hi! Hope all of you are having a great weekend!
I spent a lot of my time yesterday finishing up on the little things here on my blog.
Made new buttons for my mom's Stella & Dot shop and my mark. e-boutique, which I'm pretty proud of since I had to figure out quite a few things on photoshop to finish them. 
I also finally made a new button for the blog.

All follow buttons for bloglovin', rss feed, twitter, and pinterest are now on 
<---- this side. Hope you like all the new changes!

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but I'm for sure doing a button swap!
This weekend, I have put up the buttons of Kira from Rain or Shine and Kristina from Nook & Sea --->
and I would really like to have 2-3 more people join them! 
If interested, please email me at goodheart{dot}danica@gmail{dot}com!

In other news, I have a second part time job! My orientation for it is tomorrow and I'm kind of nervous about it. I'll actually need to dress business casual for this job and I'm looking for some more outfit inspiration. Anyone know where to find some, I haven't had much luck on pinterest yet...
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friday's fancies #4


This week's theme is Tangerine Tango, based off the Pantone Color of the Year. I'm not usually drawn to the color orange, but I think it's growing on me. I definitely feel like I need to go buy something in this color now.
tangerine tango

So what do you think of the Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango??
Have you already bought something in this bright hue?

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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