A few weeks ago I won a ShoeMint giveaway from Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky, talked about it on this post here. This is a few weeks late, but here is my review...

I ended up picking the Janice in black and I really like them, still haven't worn them out yet though. They seem to be very well made and the soles feel really sturdy. I got a size 6 1/2, but I think a 6 might have fit well too. Definitely try out a pair from ShoeMint, you might be pleasantly surprised!

ps This past weekend I almost had a panic attack (okay, not literally) because my computer wouldn't turn on anymore. I took it to an Apple store and they told me my hard drive died! It's all fixed now (they actually fixed it in one day...super impressed), but it was quite a scare and good thing I had backed up all my files a month ago.
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  1. Cute! I bet those are perfect for where you live. I still need a serious pair of boots for our trips to Big Bear so my toes will stop freezing :) Glad your computer it all better! Totally sad when it's out of commission. Eek! Happy Friday my friend!

  2. How exciting that you won a giveaway! Very cute shoes :)


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