pretty perfect


source: style me pretty
photographer: michelle turner

I just saw this picture on pinterest and I can't stop staring. It's so amazingly pretty. 
I also think those flowers might be the perfect shade of purplish-pink I've ever seen. 
Can I get some pillows for my sofa in that color??

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  1. Oh wow, that's a beautiful photo! I stared at it for a little while too :) I love the colors.

    I really like your new header too!

  2. Those are Bougainvillea bushes, and they have them all over here in CA! They come in a few different shades and are super pretty :) What up new header!

  3. Aww swoon. Melted my heart. Love the picture.

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  4. oooh, they are so pretty! and the photographer did such a great job of fading them in and out with the couple!

  5. That is gorgeous. The flowers are just so vibrant!


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