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Truth. This seems to happen all the time, either absolutely nothing or everything. Right now I'm still in the nothing happening phase, which I sincerely hope changes soon. I'm quite tired of job hunting and I'll be very glad when I won't need to check job postings on a daily basis (at least for a few months). Also, whoever invented the automated rejection email is not cool. If you haven't received one before they go a little like this...." Thank you _______ for applying/interviewing suck and we've found someone else." Okay they don't really ever say that, but sometimes I think they might as well. I know that nothing has worked out yet because it's not suppose to, there's something else out there for me soon...eventually. Waiting for it, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Anyway, if you guys haven't noticed, I changed up my blog a bit! New header and other things. What do you think?? I had mentioned that I got Adobe CS5 and I've finally started playing around with it. (I really have no idea what I'm doing though.) And while we are on the subject of blog changes...I've been really thinking about the idea of having swap sponsorships with bloggers or shops. Would anyone be interested in participating in something like that?? If you are interested, just email me at goodheart.danica{at}gmail{dot}com. 

ps Happy Birthday to my mom!! 
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  1. waiting is always the hardest part. it's usually worth it though :) and i love that quote!


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