friday's fancies #2


This week's theme is Let's Fly Away. At the moment, I wouldn't mind flying away to a warmer destination, preferably with palm trees (cause palm trees remind me of home).

palm trees

I've been planning this outfit in my head for a few weeks, pretty much as soon as I saw those shoes. 
I really want to see what they look like in person and see how they fit. I'm also in love with that Coach bag, it's such a classic.

So if you had the chance, where would you fly off to?? 
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  1. Cute outfit inspiration! :)

  2. Love those shoes too! They're really unique.

    I would definitely fly home to California to see my family and friends - miss everyone so much :(

  3. Oh this is the perfect warm weather look. Super cute!

    Have a fab weekened girl :)


  4. Yea even though NY has had pretty mild winter I am ready for real WARMTH as well . . . your blog is great im going to follow

  5. i love this! i really wish i was near a palm tree right now.. that lipstick is so pretty :) xo

  6. Love this fashion board :) You made me really want to go on vacation!


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