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I finally got a much needed haircut!!
Hi everyone! Today is my birthday and my 200th post!
My birthday consisted of going to an interview (which I think went pretty well) and then treating myself to lunch downtown. I'm not always a big fan of cake, but I did have a blackberry cobbler at the cafe in Nordstrom. If you haven't had it, you need to! Now, on to my birthday wish list. You are more than welcome to buy anything for me off this list or, you know, a trip to Europe would be fantastic too. haha. :)
my birthday wish list

my birthday wish list by danica-nicole

-a colorblock jacket
-kid size sperry's
(they seem to fit me better. plus, they are cheaper)
-a bright colorblock dress
-saint james striped tee
-nude flats
-mint polka dot dress
-sparkly necklace
-comfy broken in khakis

I hope all of you had a great day!
Thanks so much for following and helping me get to 200 posts!
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friday's fancies #3


This week the theme is Hollywood Glam, which is fitting since the Oscars are this weekend.
If I were going to the Oscars, I would wear something like this...

I'm in love with Jenny Packham dresses from her Spring and Fall 2012 lines, they are all so pretty.  
Who's your favorite fancy dress designer?? :) 

Have a wonderful weekend!   

ps to see more Friday's Fancies go visit long distance loving! 
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A few weeks ago I won a ShoeMint giveaway from Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky, talked about it on this post here. This is a few weeks late, but here is my review...

I ended up picking the Janice in black and I really like them, still haven't worn them out yet though. They seem to be very well made and the soles feel really sturdy. I got a size 6 1/2, but I think a 6 might have fit well too. Definitely try out a pair from ShoeMint, you might be pleasantly surprised!

ps This past weekend I almost had a panic attack (okay, not literally) because my computer wouldn't turn on anymore. I took it to an Apple store and they told me my hard drive died! It's all fixed now (they actually fixed it in one day...super impressed), but it was quite a scare and good thing I had backed up all my files a month ago.
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be bright


                                                                          Source: via Gap on Pinterest

Soooo guess what guys?? 
I finally have a part-time job! And if you guessed that it is at the Gap, you would be correct.
I had my orientation today so I don't have much else to share, but I now have a super long shopping list. Only one more part-time job to find! This job hunt is halfway over!

Hope all of you have a fantastic week!
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friday's fancies #2


This week's theme is Let's Fly Away. At the moment, I wouldn't mind flying away to a warmer destination, preferably with palm trees (cause palm trees remind me of home).

palm trees

I've been planning this outfit in my head for a few weeks, pretty much as soon as I saw those shoes. 
I really want to see what they look like in person and see how they fit. I'm also in love with that Coach bag, it's such a classic.

So if you had the chance, where would you fly off to?? 
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nothing and everything


                                                             Source: via Danica on Pinterest

Truth. This seems to happen all the time, either absolutely nothing or everything. Right now I'm still in the nothing happening phase, which I sincerely hope changes soon. I'm quite tired of job hunting and I'll be very glad when I won't need to check job postings on a daily basis (at least for a few months). Also, whoever invented the automated rejection email is not cool. If you haven't received one before they go a little like this...." Thank you _______ for applying/interviewing suck and we've found someone else." Okay they don't really ever say that, but sometimes I think they might as well. I know that nothing has worked out yet because it's not suppose to, there's something else out there for me soon...eventually. Waiting for it, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Anyway, if you guys haven't noticed, I changed up my blog a bit! New header and other things. What do you think?? I had mentioned that I got Adobe CS5 and I've finally started playing around with it. (I really have no idea what I'm doing though.) And while we are on the subject of blog changes...I've been really thinking about the idea of having swap sponsorships with bloggers or shops. Would anyone be interested in participating in something like that?? If you are interested, just email me at goodheart.danica{at}gmail{dot}com. 

ps Happy Birthday to my mom!! 
Want to be super awesome and visit my mom's Stella and Dot shop?
Visit here. :)
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pretty perfect


source: style me pretty
photographer: michelle turner

I just saw this picture on pinterest and I can't stop staring. It's so amazingly pretty. 
I also think those flowers might be the perfect shade of purplish-pink I've ever seen. 
Can I get some pillows for my sofa in that color??

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happy valentine's day


The other weekend, I had the pleasure of attending another Portland Blogger meet-up!
Nicole's super cute nails!
It was a fun event! Got to meet new bloggers and catch up with some that I had met before!
Can't wait for the next one.

All who attended:
Jenni, Nicole, Carly, Sam, Olga, Ilana, Alicia, Suzannah, Denise, Adi, and Leslie

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friday's fancies numero uno


Yes, sometimes I do in fact speak Spanglish (cause I most definitely do not speak Spanish fluently anymore. need. to. practice.) Anyway, before I get even more off topic, I thought I would join in on the Friday's Fancies fun that takes place over at Long Distance Loving. I'm in need of some type of schedule and more inspiration for this here blog and this a perfect way to start.

This week's theme was red and pink. I'm loving this super bright color combo that seems to be everywhere at the moment. For good reason, being that Valentine's day is around the corner. 
red & pink

red & pink by danica-nicole

I had completely different ideas for this red & pink theme, but I saw this red Modcloth dress and kind of fell in love.  I've also been eyeing that J.Crew cashmere waffle cardigan for a few weeks, which is not even remotely in my price range. Add a pink belt, some flats, some pretty gold jewelry and you are good to go. I wonder if this outfit could just magically appear in my closet. 

ps You can buy all the Stella & Dot jewelry from my mom, here.

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emma bossypants


Hi everyone! 
Sorry for the blog silence these past couple of days but I've been feeling under the weather. I'm trying my hardest to feel better, crossing my fingers that it will just go away by tomorrow. Being that I would much rather just sit on my sofa with a blanket, I have very little plans. However, I do want to finally finish Bossypants by Tina Fey and watch the first disc of Emma (2009 BBC edition) that was sent from Netflix.
I watched part of this rendition of Emma and I got sucked into the story and all the pretty views of England. Now I'll finally be able to watch it all from the beginning.

Hope all of you are having a great week!
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Insomnia Coffee Company to be exact. Just tried it out today and they have a great chai tea latte! They also have a seasonal pumpkin chai latte that I will definitely be going back to try. I've been looking for a place that had awesome chai tea lattes but Starbucks isn't that great and every place I've tried in Portland makes them really spicy (and not a tasty spicy, to me anyway). This place though is exactly what I was looking for.

I kind of cheated on the February challenge. I didn't get a picture of my hands, but I did get a picture of this coffee shop discovery! So I think that should count for something, right??
If you want to follow along on my February challenge, I'll be posting all of the pictures on my twitter

Have a fantastic weekend!
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february challenge


I thought this month I would take part in a photo a day challenge!
I will mainly use instagram for these photos, since I know I will almost always have my iTouch with me.
                                                                      Source: via Danica on Pinterest

February 1:
My view today was installing the Adobe Creative Suite 5 on to my computer. 
Now I just need to figure out how to use all these fancy programs!

ps Tomorrow is my interview! I'm kind of nervous about it. I hope it goes well.
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