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If you happen to notice the Stella & Dot picture on the right --------------->
that would be no coincidence. I thought I'd put a little plug in for my mom! 
My mom started selling Stella & Dot jewelry a couple of months ago. 
(she actually makes and sells her own jewelry too, 
but she still needs to send it all to me so I can take pictures for her Etsy shop.)
Anyway, they have some really amazing stuff and just in time for Valentine's day!
Here are some of my favorites: 
alexandria necklace
chantilly lace earrings and cuff
on the mark and ever after necklaces
essential ball studs
There's so much more on the website! Take a look here, if you get the chance.
Hope all of you have a great week! 

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  1. So lovely! I would totally ask my fiance for one of the pieces, but after the ring he bought me I told him no gifts.... Boo :(

  2. No way, this is TOOOOO funny... an old friend and I met up for coffee on Saturday, and she's a Stella & Dot rep too! I absolutely ADORE those last two pieces. I'm so into delicate gold jewelry right now it's insane. Hooray for your mommy!! I'm sure she has a ton of fun :)

    Nook & Sea

  3. LOVE Stella & Dot! Gorgeous pieces! xoxo


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