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Sometimes it's really nice to get stuff in mail (with the exception of bills).  This week I got such a cute card in the mail from Anthropologie, so I just had to share.

Looks like I'll be buying something from Anthropologie in February! 

anthropologie wish list

I am definitely getting those candles! They smell soooo good. 
(Plus they are a lot cheaper than everything else I want)

On a different note, I actually have an interview next week (crossing my fingers that I get the job), I have plans to visit Vancouver BC, and at the end of the month will be my birthday (February 27th)! It feels like February is going to be a good month.
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  1. Thanks Kira!
    Yeah, anthro isn't all that great with discounts but it is something. :)

  2. Good luck with the interview!
    I wish the Anthropologie discount was more than 15% for a birthday. I think I would be getting candles too. It's just too expensive unless you find something in the sale area!

  3. what a pretty card!


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