a colorful winter


I keep noticing that, for most of my outfits lately, I've been gravitating towards black and charcoal grey. So I'm trying to find some winter color inspiration.
                                                                     Source: theglitterguide.tumblr.com via Danica on Pinterest

Possibly adding a coat like this one into my closet will bring some color into my winter wardrobe...
coat: Old Navy

How are you guys incorporating color in your outfits this winter??

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  1. Ok, that coat would be adorable on you! I haven't been paying much attention to my wardrobe this winter (snuggle-ability, yes, color, not so much) BUT, I do love wearing this chartreuse green cardigan that I call my "fancy grandma" sweater. haha! Hope you're doing well! xo

  2. I'm right there with you, every time I leave the house it's black or grey. I'm starting to get really bored with my wardrobe.

  3. I really like to put a touch of color into winter outfits. The coat is truly amazing, but I'm afraid that it wouldn't be really versatile, I usually try "safer" options like scarfs, bags...

  4. I love the bright colors! Sometimes I think I need up wearing white and black and a few shades in between but I love wearing bright colors.


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