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Today Kristina from Something 2 Write About is taking over my blog for the day! She's super sweet and awesome, so you should definitely check out her blog too. 
Hello everyone! I'm Kristina from Something 2 Write About, and today I'm honored to be guest posting for my friend Danica here at Goodheart!

Since I know many of you can relate (myself having lived in a 600 square foot studio with my husband last year); I've compiled some pointers on how to best decorate small spaces. You'd be surprised how color, material and arrangements can affect the way you feel about your little home!

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Tip #1 - Keep it light and airy

Small spaces have the ability to enchant just as much as grand homes do, so don't be fooled by size. What you do need to pay attention to, however, is color. Every little piece in your home is a part of your overall composition, and every piece is important to helping it live up to its spacious ability. Lighter paint and/or furniture tones, like whites, off-whites, beach wood beige, and light greys; are wonderful choices (especially when talking paint for a rental). Choosing white-on-white tones, for instance, has the same visual effect as wearing nude pumps with a dress (for those fashionistas out there) - it elongates and lengthens a space to it's full appeal.
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Tip #2 - Clear the clutter
When my husband and I moved last June, we decided to get rid of a lot of stuff. It was important for us to rid ourselves of unused/uneeded items and create better storage options in the new place. Besides getting rid of a few things, I make it a goal to live clutter free daily. This means putting things back after you use them, clean as you cook, and general tidying; which results in less "deep cleans" in the future and more readiness for company. I suppose I'm a bit of an old-fashioned housewife when it comes to my thinking, but the more you care for your home, the better you feel - And a clutter-free area always makes a room look larger!
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Tip #3 - Play with pattern, materials and arrangements
Even though I write about home decor everyday, I still struggle with making my own tiny place feel like a dream. How should I put these items together? Where can I use this in the house? What do I need to make this room feel more put together? Your best bet for inspiration comes from practice, the insight of others and (wait for it) Pinterest photos! the more you experiment with what you have, the more you will understand what you may need to produce a space you are proud of. Vertical stripes (on curtains, let's say) help a room feel taller, metal or glass elements such as vases or bowls reflect light to make rooms feel more open, and simple arrangements (try 3 to 5 items, or 2 items of different sizes) can be used to create balance and harmony in an otherwise unorganized area. 
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Tip #4 - Streamline your furniture
...And we wonder why Ikea so is popular with dorm-life and "first places" :) Thin furniture can be packed more easily in tiny spots, and with less air choked up by chunky legs or bulbous frames, the more space you can actually see. This doesn't mean that antique dressers are out of the question - mixing and matching is surely appealing, but just watch the visual heaviness in the room.
Hope these tips helped you out friends! If you ever need any advice or thoughts on your own decorating dilemma, just hop on over to Something 2 Write About and drop me a line. I always love to meet my readers. Cheers! xo



  1. Really useful ideas. Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. As someone who lives in a small space, I love this!! I need to be better about getting rid of clutter and making our apartment simpler. Great guest post! :)


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