Okay so I'm really wanting a flannel shirt. I've never actually owned one. I think I mentioned that to someone a week or two ago and they were kind of astounded, but you guys, I'm from Texas. I have never ever needed it. We were lucky if we could wear a sweater outside and not die of a heat stroke.
I'm thinking that since I almost freeze every time I go to work, that I should possibly buy one. 
                                                                                 Source: ae.com via Danica on Pinterest

I'm liking this one the most, at the moment. Looks like I should make a stop at AE today if I have a chance. 

I definitely said at some point that I was going to catch up on my sleep this weekend, that apparently was no joke. I think I slept for about 12 hours last night. I didn't even eat dinner, sleep was just that much more important. haha. 

Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. Take it from a Michigan girl, there's nothing like a perfect cozy flannel for Fall :) Snag that thing and enjoy it! Happy weekend!

  2. I don't really like plaids, but a friend gave me a plaid shirt as a birthday present recently & I've wear it more than I thought.

  3. I wand a flannel shirt too! It was great meeting you today.

  4. It's ok, I don't own any flannel either (we're twins)! Glad you got to take it easy this weekend :)

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  5. slightly kurt cobain, a little texas and a whole lot of portlandia. love it!

  6. I kind of live in my flannel :) it's a good piece to own!


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