travel tuesday: pisa and milan, italy


On my Fall Break, while studying abroad, I went to 5 different cities. Pisa and Milan are on that list of places, but I didn't get to spend much time in either place. My friend and I had planned to go from Florence to Milan, but realizing that Pisa was pretty close we tried to change our itinerary. It worked out perfectly. We spent half the day in Pisa and the other half in Milan. (To catch our 6 am flight we slept at the Milan airport. No point in getting a room at a hostel when you need to be at the airport by 4 am). It also didn't hurt that the train ride passed through the most beautiful towns on the coast. 
 The quintessential leaning tower of Pisa photo. haha.
tagliatelle bolognese
tiramisu...what was left of it.
I probably had my best meals in Italy that day, lunch in Pisa and dinner in Milan (I guess I had breakfast in Florence that day weird). Anyway, it was a great detour.
Next time, though, I should really spend more time in Milan.

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  1. WHOA - that pizza? Get out of town. It looks amazing!

    Kristina Gulino

  2. haha. Yeah, it was pretty much amazing! If only I could find pizza like that here.

  3. Umm all the food seems so yummy...Italian food is so great.


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