travel tuesday: barcelona, spain


Barcelona was the last stop on my fall break when I was studying abroad. I spent 3 days there and it was certainly an interesting trip. I'll admit, it wasn't my favorite city. Not exactly sure why, but if I had the chance I would definitely go again because I did not get to see everything I wanted to. 
We went on the Montjuic cable car, spent time at the beach, saw the Magic Fountain, went to a flamenco show, and had lots of paella, sangria, and gelato. Even though it wasn't my favorite place, it was a great end to a 9 day trip through Italy and Spain. Can someone buy me a ticket to go back please??

ps We were there for Halloween, that would explain the last picture.
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  1. I love traveling :) Haven't made my way over to Europe though (how sadddd). Need to go and especially hoping to visit Croatia and Germany!

  2. Hope you'll have the chance to go back & have a better second impression.


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