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Moving in to an unfurnished apartment is pretty intense, especially when you have no furniture. I moved most of my clothes, some stuff for my kitchen, and tv yesterday. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I moved every box to my second floor apartment by myself. Let me tell you, my arms are sore today!
So here's a small peek into my apartment! 

My apartment is technically a studio, but it actually has a wall in between the living room and bedroom just without a door. I have a washer/dryer, walk-in closet, and a balcony. Pretty much awesome if you ask me. I'll show you more pictures, whenever I can actually afford to decorate it and get real furniture. 

Sorry I haven't been updating that often this week, but you might expect the same for this coming week as well. Moving in and studying for my final test for my job has been pretty stressful and time consuming. Cross your fingers that I do really well on my test (it's suppose to be on Thursday)! 

Hope all of you are having a fantastic weekend!
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  1. Awesome, I love the kitchen floor! It looks cozy already :)

  2. Yay how exciting!! You have NICE carpet compared to the crap our landlords won't take out. Haha! Looks like such a darling place, and a nice view too?

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  3. What a cute space! I'm kind of in love with your kitchen floor, haha.

  4. Empty spaces can be a lot of fun. You can get a good vision of the place with your style, and little by little, you can transform the place into something fun and wonderful.


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