be confident


                                                                            Source: via Danica on Pinterest

On a completely different note...
Have any of you seen the show My Boys?? I had truly forgotten how much I liked that show. 
Also, I realized that one of the guys from The Big Bang Theory was in it for awhile and Ryan Reynolds had a small cameo in it too! I really had know idea. I love that all the seasons are instant streaming on Netflix.
I highly recommend you go watch it. right. now. :)
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  1. Ah! Thank you for sharing!! I needed a new show to get into, and we don't have cable - so all seasons of My Boys on Netflix, it is! PS - that quote is so true. All these fashion bloggers make me feel crappy. We should start a "This is what I really looked like that day" blog. HAHA.

  2. Love the quote, it can't be more true.


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