travel tuesday: istanbul, turkey


I seemed to have actually forgotten a few trips I had in Europe, so that means I still have a few of these to go. 

I went to Istanbul for a long weekend and ended up going with a few other girls that I lived with in my building. We took a bus. That's right, a bus at night from Thessaloniki, Greece to Istanbul. 
Probably one of the strangest things I could have done.  It was cheap though, and that was the entire point. I remember trying to sleep on the bus, but it didn't really work out very well. At one point, I woke up half-awake, half-asleep and being on the second story of this massive bus speeding in the middle of Turkey (yes I kind of thought we were going to crash and die) I saw a crescent moon and star so huge in the sky in exactly the same way it is on their country flag. It was pretty amazing and I'm so sad that I didn't think to take a picture of it. 
It was a strange trip. From having to buy a visa in the middle of the night when crossing the border, then coming back we waited forever to cross back into Greece (because of us I'm sure, since our being in Greece for 3 months was about to expire), and having guys at the Grand Bazaar/Spice Bazaar calling us the Spice Girls. 
It was an interesting place and I can say that I now have been on the Asian continent too! 
(Istanbul is split in half, half in Europe and half in Asia.) 
If you get to go, definitely get the apple tea because it is seriously delicious!

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  1. How pretty! My husband's been there and loved it. Cute kitties!

  2. amazing photos!


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