pumpkin spice cookies


I'm starting to feel the need to bake. 
I personally like trying new baking/dessert recipes, but I always make more than necessary for me 
(for someone who rarely craves sweets, I ironically really like making them). 
Since pumpkin spice season is upon us, I thought I'd share this recipe I found on Pinterest
Can't wait to try it! 
Recipe via Honey & Jam

Have a fabulous weekend!
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  1. wow, these cookies look so delicious Ö and healthy :)


  2. Yum! These look so delicious. The recipe reminds me a bit of a recipe one of my good friends used to make all the time. She has since moved to Arizona so I'm on my own in the pumpkin cookie department...I'll have to give this one a try :) Have an awesome weekend! xoxo Kristin


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