job hunting


Today I went downtown to find a part time job, mainly so I can stop asking my parents for money. 
Job hunting for a "real job" hasn't been going very well for me and it is really irritating. 
Recession, you are ruining my life. 
(Perhaps that is a little overdramatic)

ps Cross your fingers that I get a part time job so I can finally buy a tripod. :)
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  1. that is such a cute bag!
    have a nice day
    Sara C.

  2. it's true, you and i are totally in the same boat! thank you so much for your kind words and i will keep my fingers crossed for you. my mom always says to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and based on this outfit, i would hire you in a heartbeat! good luck, dear!
    marissa :)

  3. Ohh I love your curls!! You're gorgeous!

    And that bag is fab, too.

    I'll be praying for you!! Hope you get the job!


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