gonna get over you


I have nothing much to share with you guys, today has been very uneventful.
Although I don't have much to say, I thought I'd share a music video.

I think this video is pretty funny and quite confusing. However, it does make me crave a Mexican apple soda, which if you haven't had I suggest you go and try one right now! It's delicious. My favorite Mexican drink. Ahhh, now I'm craving Mexican food from home. No bueno. 
(Yes. I do sometimes speak Spanglish, it happens when you're from a city that is 20 minutes away from Mexico.)

ps I really want to see Sara Bareilles in concert! If only she had one coming up in the Northwest.
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  1. She's such a doll. Are you talking about Manzana Lift?! Oh yea baby. Some good stuff right there. I'm half Mexican so I half speak Spanish. Maybe someday we can learn!

  2. I love this song!

  3. I saw her in Portland in concert and she was awesome!! I would love to see her again someday.


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